Necrom ownerships and misc bugs





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(reposting from old forum, most if not all should still be unfixed
all concerning Necrom)

_ some of the NPCs have alarm 90, will attack but not report crimes:

TR_m2_Mori Athenen
TR_m2_Selni Aduran
TR_m2_Berethen Olameth
TR_m2_Elevi Dirval

TR_m2_Irvassa Veleth (has alarm 0...)

TR_m2_Hania Methun Necrom, Memorial to the War of the First Council -372 68 -126 "needs Alarm 100"
TR_a_dwrv_tower_shield Necrom, Memorial to the War of the First Council 357 321 -76 "all this dwemer stuff is unguarded"

_ doors probably needing locks: (unless people leaving doors open in the Holy City is intentional?)

TR_ex_nec_loaddoor3 Necrom (43,-11) 355404 -87094 1023 "Rilam Arelas? interior is empty and ext door is not locked"
TR_ex_nec_loaddoor3 Necrom (43,-11) 352953 -86761 903 "Golven Salothan? same"
TR_ex_nec_loaddoor3 Necrom (42,-11) 351361 -83460 755 "door needs lock (npc outside)"
TR_ex_nec_loaddoor3 Necrom (42,-11) 351501 -86275 904 "needs lock"

_ no ownership in these cells:

Necrom, Chamber of Artifects
Necrom, Chamber of Parting
Necrom, Charnelworks Records
Necrom, Crematorium of St. Veloth
Necrom, Dethral Ginith's Workshop
Necrom, Greater Bonewalker Smithy
Necrom, Hall of Records
Necrom, Hall of Western Wars
Necrom, Lesser Bonewalker Smithy
Necrom, Temple Pathway
Necrom, Waiting Gate
(“Necrom, Nedim Fareloth's House” should stay unowned for quest reasons)

_ WanderAi:

TR_m2_Driresi Llandra00000000 Necrom, Pallbearers and Sweeps 237 -255 -382 "constantly walking against furniture"
TR_m2_Llidresi Sathis00000000 Necrom, Charnelworks Records 4582 3417 15810 "is stuck in table / wanderAi"
TR_m2_Llaro Veloren00000000 Necrom, Charnelworks Mortuary 1453 -2026 2 "has AiWander leaving lower room empty"
TR_m2_Irver Duleth "stuck walking against furniture"
TR_m2_Ulmosi Sarendas "dumb wanderAi behaviour"

_ misc :

comitting a crime in Necrom, Fane of the Ancestors triggers
"constant messagebox 'The intricate lock on these doors appears to require three separate keys.' wtf?"
likely because the Ordinator behind the doors scripted for this message is trying to open them.
Since they'll be scripted anyway, the doors (m2_445_vaultdoors) could be made into an activator instead of a door-type object?

TR_m2_Ralis Andolith "greeting - Greetings outlander, I am ... I can sell you some Temple goods or spells if you require them. - but: Faction members only"

TR_in_nec_4way Necrom, Memorial to the War of the First Council -256 0 -256 "this part of the int doesn't fit its corresponding interior entrance..."
TR_in_nec_ramp_02 Necrom, Memorial to the War of the First Council 0 256 -256 "...notably, this ramp..."
TR_in_nec_doorjamb_01 Necrom, Memorial to the War of the First Council -256 384 -384 "... so the door would need to be placed further into this?"

sc_paper plain Necrom, Charnelworks Mortuary 636 -334 383 "these are..."
sc_paper plain Necrom, Charnelworks Mortuary 636 -311 383 " eye-level, which makes them appear as floating/caspering ingame"

misc_skull00 Necrom, Charnelworks Records 4407 3516 15886 "should there be skulls randomly out in the open like this? they not supposed to be sacred? why is it on a bureaucrat's desk?"

misc_com_bucket_01 Necrom, Pallbearers and Sweeps 4 588 -108 "should buckets with fake water in them be statics instead?"

flora_plant_04 Necrom (42,-11) 351761 -83757 709 "those exterior planters don't have ownership, contrary to what is said in all TR dialogue"

TR_ex_nec_loaddoor3 Necrom, Temple Courtyard (43,-12) 354111 -90726 1787 "door doesn't fit entrance"

Necrom, Alma Rula's Retreat "interior doesn't have the windows in its exterior"

Necrom, Watch Barracks "'Watch' barracks - is that from back when there was a 'city watch' and a NPC for it? now that they're ordinators in mourning are they not the... archcanon and whatevs?"

TR_m2_Dethral Ginith Necrom, Dethral Ginith's Workshop 4410 3981 14882 "interior has special name. looks like it's supposed to be a potter, but dude is a monk and has default monk dialogue. Is there a class Potter? (also was that potter wheel thing added?)"

TR_in_nec_loaddoor01 Necrom, Ordinator Storage Tower 4992 3904 15040 "better if opened in other direction (can't pass)"


Also still not implemented:

Rot's picture

Also still not implemented:
TR_m2_q_18_Gathys says (Greeting 1) he will give you a reward if you meet him in Necrom. He doesn’t appear there at all yet,
"or even see about working with you again." if you're a temple member.


And yet another loose end:
The last Ranyon-Ruhn Temple quest ends with
“go to Necrom, the Holy City of the Dead, and report there that a cult of Molag Bal has been discovered”