Tamriel Data


New ships in the harbor in Old Ebonheart, and all new food, buildings, plants, and more in Skyrim. All available through Tamriel Data!
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Tamriel_Data is a shared asset resouce created collaboratively between Project: Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt, so that we can share our assets, books, and so on, and coordinate our projects better. Tamriel Rebuilt uses Tamriel_Data as our data structure; therefore, Tamriel_Data is required to play Tamriel Rebuilt.

The newest version of Tamriel_Data is the appropriate version to use with both Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt, even if the most recent Data version is newer than PT or TR’s latest releases.

Tamriel_Data is free to use as modder resource, as long as proper credits are given. See the included readme file for usage permissions.

Updated 26 March 2017

Vanilla Resolution:

  • SHA256: 7876911a9b70463dae4209f8a84f4b6f4fb05f812c3ca18f15ca500315aac558
  • SHA-1: 399f9719247099d5bd0ec364e45d13f0a2b2c284
  • MD5: 6fc721529e455a20f909e12324763bd6

High Definition:

  • SHA256: 20b6dcef327c131a6b9f43bfb1ad6775c099b24dc7557dcabb0ebcd6a3162df1
  • SHA-1: b7454a7db9bb5a1d4a526cce735e62f05cb8bab7
  • MD5: 875b614a53be673f321c49ca7f846c35