Modder Resources

Tamriel Rebuilt uses Tamirel_Data as our asset structure. Tamriel_Data is a shared asset resouce created collaboratively between Project: Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt, so that we can share our assets, books, and so on, and coordinate our projects better.

Tamriel_Data is free to use as modder resource, as long as proper credits are given.

Updated 13 September 2016

Vanilla Resolution:

  • SHA256: 1bcde1662294a4ac6f237341d0fa6d5473a2dfc7a6f8c76b754f7f6197e21aea
  • SHA-1: 1bb5aea954525acd85d63aa30ffb77a43419f9de
  • MD5: 8401054518d6c32dc4b8bcf5fa0b09d6

High Definition:

  • SHA256: 92724997bb500f16e8855cbdf17916ca78fdd7e1f2964a2f5bcbfa6e9bce3f0d
  • SHA-1: 1e660ff5acd41a316d1deacce4698ea953dc647e
  • MD5: 0c6f5983afac619774a5a894db6923d9

See the included readme file for usage permissions.