Akamora's MG: LETTER OF RESIGNATION(TR_m2_MG_Francine1) Marog Topic Error

Bug: Francine Aldard, in Akamora’s Mage Guild, will send the player to a quest in Marog. Her exclusive topic for “Marog” requires that the quest stage is 10. If the player never acquired the topic from other soucers before, it will not directly get from her this time.

Solution: Applied a “AddTopic” within the Result Box of the topic “letter of apology” to allow the player to get access to the exclusive topic “Marog” for Francine Aldard in this specific situation.


Most recent quests forgot about the option of adding Reputation (fame),
See some of those in TR that do give rep.
Reputation can be increased as a result of certain high-profile events, heroic deeds, or even if the player rescues people (non-controversial, not slaves) who’ll spread the word, etc.

Something unclear with Almalexia(city)

I have problem with Almalexia. At first i cant open any house, when i open the door it rotated 90 degrees and i see texture in door. Also when i try to walk around the city game crashes. And sometimes i see textures bugs. But when i try to go Almalexia through Ebonheart all normal(but i cant leave the city)

topic "inquisition" + "TR_m1_GS_MQ_5" missing journal

Most dialogue on topic “inquisition” is awkward but this one in particular:

Here, take these potions of my own making as a reward. They have been made after sacred recipe of Necrom priests, which is known only to those who devouted their whole lifes to fighting enemy of Almsivi. May they fortify your courage next time you have to face some dangerous heathen. Now me and Arelis must go after Ilwen immediately and you can do nothing more for us. Now that we know where evil was hiding all the time, we have a hope of finding it again.

Helnim TG greetings

Specific to unlocking the Helnim thieves guild,
TR_m2_Hofmund has two greetings7 which have critical results, and should be recreated at least in greeting 5 instead (to not be overwritten by generic faction greetings 6),

"So Valtio sent you, eh? Well, if you're looking for jobs or advancement, I'm the one you'll be wanting to speak to."
"So Valtio sent you, eh? You'll be looking to join the Thieves Guild then, I suppose."

moved to greeting 1


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