collection of bugs in Thirr /OE

12/10/2017 (21:48) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  com_closet_01_expclothe Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -277 66 594 "flickering" 
12/10/2017 (21:49) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  Light_Com_RM_Chandelier_05_L_01 Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -380 129 190 "collision" 
12/10/2017 (21:50) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  light_com_chandelier_03_128 Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -514 384 686 "too low" 
12/10/2017 (21:53) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  T_Mw_FloraAT_TreeG_01 Aanthirin Region (11,-23) 92758 -185548 2625 "collision" 

"local area" and other generic topics

TR adds a few generic topics that didn't exist before:
local area
local economy


  • their use should be made consistent

"local economy" for instance was forgotten in most places (is this needed as a generic topic in all major settlements? should it restricted to savants, EEC, house ranks?)
There are also some generic topics like "fauna" that only appear in map 1 or in a couple places. Some harmonization is needed.

Bodrem Mine platform underwater

bodrem mine:

The lowest mining platform and mineral deposit in one of the caverns is below water level. Should be raised, alternatively a waterfall and a couple bodies could be added along with new dialogue saying something about opening a spring in the mine and a quick flood taking the lives of a couple miners.

Wrong Journal Update (?) during the quest "Avenge the Knights"

When playing TR, I encountered what I think is a bug in a quest called "Avenge the Knights". I met these two Knights (Tarbus Norin and Merias Tolode) outside of the cavern Galseah and they told me to go inside with them and slay the necromancers. During the fighting inside, Tartus Norin died. I then defeated the necromancers with Merias Tolode by my side. However then I got a journal entry saying: "Without Tarbus and Merias I have defeated the cultists.", which is clearly not true.


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