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Tamriel Rebuilt is a modding project that adds Morrowind's mainland to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for you to explore. We follow Bethesda Softworks' original lore and creative vision so that you never lose the sense of a coherent game world. 

To date, about half of the mainland is playable, with additional in-progress work available for preview. Seek out exciting new adventures in the Telvanni east, the Indoril heartland, and the contentious Aanthirin region. Download Tamriel Rebuilt here

Our team of artists, modders, and writers is passionate about expanding Morrowind into a whole province, complete with diverse new landscapes, cities, stories, and hidden secrets. Though the project is over two decades old, work continues with people like you joining periodically. You can help us reach our goal by becoming a developer today, no experience required. 

Also check out Project Tamriel, our sister project. Through shared assets and lore, we are coordinating the (re)building of much more than Morrowind alone. 

Tamriel Rebuilt 2021 Recap

Welcome to a development retrospective for Tamriel Rebuilt – a massive mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that adds the mainland of the Morrowind province outside the island of Vvardenfell, aiming to seamlessly fit in with the original game. The best part is that you can play the mod already! Currently, about half of the mainland area, together with roughly 360 quests, is fully completed and released to players.

Happy New Year! Though we were not able to release a content expansion this year, this was not due to a lack of progress on our part. This January, let’s revive an old Tamriel Rebuilt tradition and look back at some of the major developments and decisions, as well as a couple statistics, of 2021.

A view up the Pryai river towards the Velothi Mountains. Landscape work by Phenoix12 and Nemon.

  • Out of 34 people who made a showcase to become a new Tamriel Rebuilt developer in 2021, 24 subsequently made a contribution to the mod itself or remain currently active. Our newbies have done a great job this year!
  • In total, more than a hundred people made some sort of direct contribution to our mod in 2021. A massive thanks to all of you!
  • The Hlaalu city of Andothren, the centerpiece of the Dominions of Dust expansion and its main bottleneck (except for quests, of course), was finalized in 2021. TR’s work on Andothren dated back to 2006 and though the core city layout was solid from the beginning, several rounds of half-finished redos had resulted in a true Gordian Knot. It took much painstaking effort – and more than one burned-out developer – to untangle it. Still, by Spring 2021, the city had received a full repolish of its exterior including many unique 3D architecture models. Even further, nearly all of its interiors were entirely remade and filled with a colorful array of NPCs. Andothren has become a jewel – all that is missing are the currently in-progress quests.

Andothren. The city has had far too many contributors to list.

Tamriel Rebuilt Roadmap

Welcome to another development diary for Tamriel Rebuilt -- the massive mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that has for the last two decades been working on adding the mainland of the Morrowind province to the game world, in accordance with the lore and vision of TES III. Currently, rought half of the mainland area, along with roughly 360 quests, is fully completed and released to players, offering many dozens of hours of gameplay. Here we offer a short overview of our upcoming content expansions.

Earlier this year, we dived deep into two of our next upcoming major content expansions, the Dominions of Dust and the Embers of Empire. These are, however, only the most complete of the areas currently in development -- there is much more in progress.

The reason is that work on Tamriel Rebuilt is, by necessity, cumulative. We always aim to have a “rolling front” of new areas conceptualized for 3D modelers, further-along areas for exterior developers who need finalized 3D assets, even more ready regions for interior makers who can fill in exterior locations, and nearly complete worldspaces for NPCers and questers. It doesn’t always work out this neatly in reality, but it’s what we are aiming for.

This month, we will acquaint you with the full breadth of our current work in a development roadmap that lists the next projected expansion areas in the order we intend to release them. No release dates though! It’s a volunteer project, after all, and dates are difficult to predict (as we know from multiple past mistakes).

Currently in progress areas for future Tamriel Rebuilt expansions, numbered according to expected order of release.

1a. Dominions of Dust

The hamlet of Teyn is situated in the relatively lush part of Roth Roryn against the Inner Sea.

November 2021 Progress Update

This is a progress update for Tamriel Rebuilt, a major two-decades-old mod project for TES III: Morrowind, which aims to finish the development of the Morrowind province by adding the mainland to Bethesda’s island of Vvardenfell. Currently, roughly half of the mainland is complete and released to players, offering hundreds of quests and dozens of hours of gameplay.

For this month’s news post, we will keep things relatively simple and update you on what we have been working on since September. Although the school season has kicked in and slowed our progress compared to summer, Tamriel Rebuilt has not been sitting idle. We will take this tour in reverse order of our development pipeline, from quests to interiors, exteriors, assets and, finally, concept art.

This chap just can't catch a break.

It is tough to show off progress with quests and dialogue; most of the claims are large and intricate and necessarily require dozens of hours of work from individual developers. Still, in the past two months, numerous dialogue claims and miscellaneous quests have been finished or even reviewed (which is where an experienced quest developer will help fix lingering style or technical issues), all for our upcoming Dominions of Dust release:

  • Lost in Transit -- a sad story about a lost son and an irresponsible adventurer in Bodrum.
  • Continue the adventures of an old friend from Vvardenfell. This quest takes place in Teyn.
  • The Statue -- decide the fate of a St. Felms statue in Omaynis.
  • Certificate of Credibility -- get yourself welcome in Andothren.
  • The Proud Redoran -- solve the problem of an impoverished old warrior in Bodrum.
  • Brother Against Brother -- head to Almas Thirr to help (or destroy) a family.
  • The Rivaling Alchemists -- a new take on a vanilla quest theme in Andothren.
  • General dialogue has been added to the Dominions of Dust lands, while the town of Omaynis has received NPCs and targeted dialogue.
  • Though none of these are yet complete, much progress has also been made on longer questlines for the Baluath Vampires, and the Temple, Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild in Andothren. Work has also been done on the Imperial Legion in Firewatch and a very special adventure in Necrom.

Everyone, no matter their skills, can help speed this work along by playtesting the completed or in-progress quests. If you are interested, come chat with us on our Discord.

October 2021 progress update

Welcome to another development diary for Tamriel Rebuilt -- the massive mod for TES III: Morrowind that adds the mainland of the Morrowind province to the game world, in accordance with the lore and vision of TES III. Currently, over 50% of the mainland area, along with roughly 360 quests, is fully completed and released to players.

Last month, we updated you on our next major content and landmass expansion, the Dominions of Dust. However, as we teased then, the areas featured in that upcoming release are far from the only ones being worked on currently by the Tamriel Rebuilt team. This time, we’d like to introduce you to yet another substantial content expansion, developed in parallel, that we are calling Embers of Empire. This release will, however, be a little different -- instead of bringing to life brand-new areas, like Dominions of Dust, EoE will instead be a massive overhaul of some of our earliest released content -- the Imperial presence in Telvannis.

The areas of Tamriel Rebuilt touched by Embers of Empire.

As you can see on the above map, EoE will include a near-total overhaul of the city of Firewatch, initially released in 2006, as well as the town of Helnim, first available to the public in 2008. Included in the expansion will also be a major update to the island of Althoa (formerly Balvvarden) and the hamlet of Bal Oyra. But why even revisit these areas? Have they not been done for decades already? Why not direct this effort to new lands? Let's dive into the motivations here.

Tamriel Rebuilt is nearly two decades old and has been in constant evolution through all this time. Volunteers have come and gone, bringing ever-improving quality and aesthetic standards. In the early to mid 2000s, Tamriel Rebuilt developers made the hugely successful effort of conceptualizing and building the eastern district of Telvannis. Players have been able to enjoy the fruits of their work for the past decade and a half. These developers, however, were greatly hampered by the then-lack of affordable 3D modelling software and by the burden of developing their mod at a time and in a community that was largely preoccupied with probing the more -- uh -- eclectic aesthetic possibilities of TES III modding.

September 2021 Progress Teaser

It’s been a year and a half since we released the well-received Tamriel Rebuilt Aanthirin expansion. While we have since provided bugfixes and small content updates, work has continued diligently on our next major content expansion, Dominions of Dust. Followers of our Twitter account or visitors to our Discord server will already be aware of this, but it is high time that we update you on this website, too.

Dominions of Dust area
Planning map of the Dominions of Dust release area.

This next expansion will continue bringing to life the Morrowind landmass directly west of the Aanthirin region, which was our previous content release. This area lies just south-southwest of Vvardenfell and will include a huge chunk of Morrowind -- much more than twice the area of our previous release. But while Aanthirin was a densely settled breadbasket, these new lands will be very different. They include three different regions -- the rocky Roth Roryn, the desolate Armun Ashlands, and the southern reaches of the towering Velothi Mountains that mark Morrowind’s western border.

The town of Bodrum is nestled in a bend of the Priyai river.
The Redoran town of Bodrum in the Roth Roryn Region.

Roth Roryn constitutes sparsely vegetated badlands that will provide plenty of challenges to mid-level players. Economic activity is scarce -- House Hlaalu runs a handful of mines close to hardscrabble hamlets, whereas Redoran of the Stones March, the ancestral rulers to much of the region, scramble to stave off further Hlaalu advance in the quarry town of Bodrum. Towards Aanthirin in the east and the Inner Sea to the north the region becomes more lush and prosperous, containing several plantations. Here you also find the exception to all the above -- the booming Hlaalu metropolis of Andothren.

21.01.01 Hotfix Release

Download the Tamriel Rebuilt 21.01 Hotfix 01: Main Mirror | Morrowind Nexus | Morrowind Modding Hall

  • CRC-32: E7D72C2C
  • SHA-256: F189A3BAFF8C142E9D17B93B21D3241B6C2BEE925EAE55B903C03F6294F4D913 

Ever continuing our Sisyphean work, Tamriel Rebuilt is announcing the release of hotfix 1 for build 21.01.

This is a bugfix release aimed at resolving a few issues in TR_Mainland, TR_Factions, and assets.

The hotfix download contains a hotfix .esp and a loose mesh file that you need to use in addition to the TR_Mainland.esm of build 21.01. With our next regular release using the hotfix esp will be unnecessary and it must be removed from your load order!
Similarily, the next Tamriel_Data release will make using the loose texture file unnecessary.
Also included is a fresh TR_Factions.esp file that should overwrite your existing TR_Factions.esp, if you use it.

The hotfix fixes the following bugs:

  • Dondril banner texture path corrected.
  • Corrected various spelling errors in The Ebonheart Bellman.
  • Completing the Bloodmoon East Empire Company quest line no longer enables erroneous Ebonheart Bellman papers.
  • Prevented edge case in which Thul Nadaa would refuse to teleport the player even if no other quest prevented player from leaving.
  • Deprecated model removed from TR_Factions.

21.01 Maintenance Release

Download Tamriel Rebuilt 21.01: Main Mirror | Morrowind Nexus

  • CRC-32: EE7AC323
  • SHA-256: c96687dcc4a060fd847bf74b2d7af868ac1f9ea41e3692a2927779333b55aa19

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 21.01.

21.01 is a maintenance release, requiring the use of Tamriel_Data v8 or later.

The primary focus of this release is to increase compatibility with the latest Tamriel_Data release, by means of replacing deprecated assets in our main release file, TR_Mainland.esm. It also allows us the opportunity to offer significant performance improvements made to Old Ebonheart and the Aanthirin region to the public ahead of our next content release. Of course, this release also features the customary bug fixes and no small amount of corrections to floaters and bleeders, as well as the additions of a small number of new equipment pieces and miscellaneous items to existing locations on the mainland.

Old Ebonheart square, now with a new fountain.
The Old Ebonheart square has seen some changes.

Finally, some minor content additions have made their way into this maintenance release. Old Ebonheart now features the Ebonheart Bellman, a newspaper that reacts to some of the player's actions. The Bosmora Mages Guild Relay has seen some additional cluttering, and a well-guarded basement has been added to the Fane of the Ancestors in Necrom.

Hear ye, hear ye!
The Ebonheart Bellman, for all the latest news and gossip!

Some more unconventional content has been added to the inns in Akamora, Marog and Ranyon-ruhn: an interactive card game named Hortator, a prototype for more complex games to come...

Care for a game of Hortator?
Not quite Gwent, but the cards are very pretty.

20.02.01 Hotfix Release

Download the Tamriel Rebuilt 20.02 Hotfix 01: Main Mirror | Morrowind Nexus

  • CRC-32: 26093b56
  • SHA-1: f166f2a9e6e349e3f1ca02ce913a791c05147746
  • MD5: 78bca5c0cdc3e91b698cb65d0e2ec75b

Tamriel Rebuilt is slightly grumbling but announcing the release of hotfix 01 for build 20.02 anyway.

This is a bugfix release fixing bugs in TR_Mainland only!

The hotfix download contains an esp that you need to use in addition to TR_Mainland.esm of build 20.02. With our next regular release in 2021, using the hotfix esp will be unnecessary and it must be removed from your load order!

The hotfix fixes the following bugs:

  • "Dwemer ruins" caused "DELETEME" replies in Dagon Fel.
  • Noga-Togroi did not recognize the Soul Anchor.
  • Llorisa Faali tells you to meet in Emmurbalpitu while being in Emmurbalpitu.
  • Telvanni Mouths in Port Telvannis send you in an endless dialogue loop when asking to join while being a member.
  • Telvanni Mouths in Port Telvannis cannot actually reinstate you into the House.
  • Kana-revis was not placed in-game.
  • Various scripts had various problems.
  • The Anumidium plans and Dagoth Goblet could be found in a chest.
  • Lucia Mor cries for help after she is no longer held hostage.
  • The Roa Dyr gondoliers play the Guild Guide chime because the travel markers were too close to each other.

20.02 Bug Fix Release

Download Tamriel Rebuilt 20.02: Main Mirror | Morrowind Nexus

  • CRC-32: 1b63ac86
  • SHA-1: 686cfed12f9e1ced3b400ecf2e18408e59a7d315
  • MD5: c7aed0cf6b3784894689332566f641f5

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 20.02.

20.02 is mainly a bugfix release, requiring the use of Tamriel Data v07.01 or later.

While the focus was on various fixes to recently released quests and the usual corrections of floaters and bleeders, a few minor additions to dialogue and landscape were included as well. These additions include a few new replies to generic topics, a shortcut to Roa Dyr from the other river bank, and Windbreaker Keep, one of Uriel V's abandoned forward ports, in the Padomaic Ocean.

Windbreaker Keep on a typical day

Our next planned release, "Dominions of Dust", with an estimated release date of 2021, will finally see Tamriel Rebuilt reach the western border of the province. The release will focus on three regions: the Ascadian Bluffs, Roth-Roryn and the Armun Ashlands, with parts of the Velothi Mountains thrown in for good measure. Andothren, a major Hlaalu settlement, Teyn, an Imperial holding, and various minor towns and settlements will be the focus of the release. Two Ashlander tribes and two vampire clans will spice things up for those of an unusual and, dare we say, heretical disposition.

If you are interested in making Mainland Morrowind a reality, join us! Tamriel Rebuilt is always looking for new members, even those completely new to modding. We have plenty of helpful guides on our website and friendly people ready to teach you the ropes on our Discord server.

You can also visit us on social media:



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