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Tamriel Rebuilt is a modding project that adds Morrowind's mainland to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for you to explore. We follow Bethesda Softworks' original lore and creative vision so that you never lose the sense of a coherent game world. 

To date, about half of the mainland is playable, with additional in-progress work available for preview. Seek out exciting new adventures in the Telvanni east, the Indoril heartland, and the contentious Aanthirin region. Download Tamriel Rebuilt here

Our team of artists, modders, and writers is passionate about expanding Morrowind into a whole province, complete with diverse new landscapes, cities, stories, and hidden secrets. Though the project is over two decades old, work continues with people like you joining periodically. You can help us reach our goal by becoming a developer today, no experience required. 

Also check out Project Tamriel, our sister project. Through shared assets and lore, we are coordinating the (re)building of much more than Morrowind alone. 

TR Status Update

Before you TL;DR, please read this!

There are some very important questions and feedback we want you to give. Tamriel Rebuilt is often seen as unapproachable, and this is most often because people think we don't want or see feedback.

If you are just going to skim the update anyway, please scroll down or click here and reply wherever this was posted or in our status update feedback thread

Recapping 2016/2017

Tamriel Rebuilt's last two releases, 1612 and the 1706 patch were bugfixes, dealing both with a host of long-running problems as well as additional bugs that occured due to moving data and identifier structures.

1609, the last content release, saw additional exterior and interior work, and a region and city name revamp that reconciled TR's release with the names and borders that had been used internally for planning. Both these and the move to the unified data structure of Tamriel Data have allowed us to progress in a more organized fashion than before as less time is spent adjusting planning and implementation against each other.

1612 saw the first public testing period for a TR release. Due to the good results on all sides, we are looking into another 2 week public testing period for 1709. As the release window is somewhat fluid, this is unfortunately not guaranteed.

Two new Section Files were created during this time. Internally, all landmass that is not part of TR_Mainland is held in an TR_Indev ESP. When a part of TR_Indev is about to move beyond exterior and (some) interior work, it is cut out into a new Section File, to allow for NPC placement, dialogue and quest editing, and finishing touches to its exterior and interior cells.
For each release, TR_Indev and the Section Files are merged back into TR_Preview.

Meanwhile, asset creation has sped up considerably, but unfortunately there are still not enough of them to start working on the Deshaan as of yet.

Current Development

Game Development

Development is currently focused on several areas, all emphasizing different skillsets:

2016 Year in Review

Tamriel Rebuilt had an eventful year in 2016. What did we do this past year? Well, a variety of things.
We moved onto a new website with a new forum, and built a new structure to handle our claims and assets. We changed our workflow to use Release Files, which streamlines things. We updated our site with new screenshots and lost concept art, along with old and new maps. We made the TR Handbook and began populating it with information about the people and places of TR, but also with information on how to play and mod for TR.
In files, we found the Music Pack that had gotten lost, and made three releases (1603, 1609, and 1612). We worked together with Project Tamriel to share assets like new types of armor, architecture, and clutter in our new combined Tamriel Data. We also made a number of bugfixes. The latest heightmap now takes care of the southern regions.
For the public, we made a few release videos detailing our progress, and also a video and written installation guide. We also started an instagram.
Internally, we’ve gained a few new members. Kevaar has been with the project now and is our latest Lead Developer, and a few other folks have been helping reviewing interiors, assets and books.
In planning, we’ve made a great deal of progress. We now have a working picture of House Dres, and a rough storyline worked out for them. We have a lot of visuals representing their district, which mainly consists of the Deshaan Plains, and are slowly turning the visuals into models for use in-game. We’ve begun refining and polishing some areas next up on the plate for release (such as Old Ebonheart) and getting Aanthirin and Roth Roryn ready for interiorizing and NPCs. We’ve also worked out how we’re going to go about finishing the semi-completed areas that remain. Lastly, we implemented a long-waited city and region name/border update.
All this is to say, the members of Tamriel Rebuilt have been working hard. As always, we could use more helping hands, so if you’re into writing out quests, discussing lore, or have artistic skills, please consider helping out.

Tamriel Rebuilt - 1612 Bugfix Release

Download Tamriel Rebuilt 16.12: Main Mirror | Great House Fliggerty | Morrowind Nexus

  • SHA256: c97ce83552334cabc252b0bfd2c5f32802f4dd14b3ae2c9ca4dcd433930ef839
  • SHA-1: 40f1c6cef6ff6080ec2d82e884c40d09df5d11e6
  • MD5: f3e71b53423992aa80233e7525ba6d61

What’s New

We at TR have put together a bugfix update to tide you over until our next release, which is scheduled to drop in March. This update includes the removal of remaining references to pre-Tamriel_Data items, fixes to dialogue in TR_Preview and updated road signs, among other fixes. The changelog can be viewed here, and be sure to report any bugs to our bug tracker.

And what better way to close off a bugfix update announcement than reiterate the fix to TR’s single most reported issue: Install Tamriel_Data.

Register both BSAs!

Both BSAs! (This is a link, click it! Seriously, click it.)

We hope you enjoy your holidays!
-The Tamriel Rebuilt Team

TR Installation Video and Long Lost Music

Installation Video!

We now have installation tutorials! These are updated for Tamriel_Data and include troubleshooting tips for the most common versions. We have the video version linked above, and also a written guide with pictures here.

We have also retrieved our long-lost music pack! For now, the music pack is hosted here on our site, on our Main Release page.

Tamriel Rebuilt - 1609 Release

 Download Tamriel Rebuilt 16.09: Main Mirror | Great House Fliggerty (currently pending) | Morrowind Nexus

  • SHA256: a4b0187323cb3e41e3059273c021c8bc3a14f656a9872dfb75b5356dbd493b34
  • SHA-1: f55e603d10006b5559215d4f42b2070e17de8cc2
  • MD5: e829d9cb4b012169320cf1dca6fb1b40

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 16.09!

What’s New

The big news is that Tamriel Rebuilt has moved its assets to Tamriel_Data. If you have used Tamriel Rebuilt in the past, please read up on Tamriel_Data, download it and register the BSAs.

It needs to be repeated, since this is the biggest hurdle new users face when first installing Tamriel Rebuilt: Install Tamriel_Data.

Register both BSAs!

Both BSAs! (This is a link, click it! Seriously, click it.)

Aside from moving to this unified province asset framework, TR1609 took the opportunity to revamp its regions and city names. Formerly afraid of breaking continuity with previous releases, names and region changes which had been confined to Tamriel Rebuilt design documents and discussion threads have finally found their way into game files. TR_Travels has been updated to its final release before its changes find their way into our main gamefiles. If you have a strong opinion about either of this, please check our forums and discuss it!

Additionally, we have incorporated several bugfixes and revamps. Notable, Andothren is nearing completion, and Menaan has started to come into its own as an independant settlement.


Announcing Tamriel_Data

Tamriel Rebuilt, Project Tamriel building unified Data Structure

Starting with release 1609, Tamriel Rebuilt will move to a new data structure. TR_Data is out, Tamriel_Data is in, and a host of changes come with it!

If you just want to skip ahead, you can find download links here.

Culminating from a year of hard work, Tamriel_Data contains a unified file structure spearheaded by Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt as the first adopter.
Not only will this make assets from both projects available to each other and third party modders, but the assets are organised in a logical, easy to navigate syntax, enabling our modders to create content more easily. A file name will now have the context that was previously only known by trial, error, and experience.

It will probably not quite look like this.

Additionally, we are now supplying both vanilla-style resources and a high-resolution alternative. Now, no matter how much you doll up your game, mods relying on Tamriel_Data will never look out of date again!

Left: low resolution, Right: high resolution


Note: While the assets for Project Tamriel are all available in both high and resolution, Tamriel Rebuilt is not nearly done. Any texture artists willing to help are welcome!

Tamriel_Data for players

Update your BSA list

First, if you used more than one of the big three province Mods (Tamriel Rebuilt, Skyrim: Home of the Nords, Province: Cyrodiil), you will be able to just use Tamriel_Data with each of them. Three ESMs and BSAs now become one ESM and one BSA: easy on the load order, and easier to keep track of.

The hardest part is remembering to edit your Morrowind.ini to use the new BSAs instead of the old ones. Since you have probably played one of the bigger mods, you should know how this works: just locate the file in your Morrowind game directory, find the [Archive] section, add the two new BSAs (TR_Data.bsa, PT_Data.bsa), replacing obsolete entries if they were there, done.
Alternatively, you can of course use BSAReg, which ususally takes care of that automatically.

Example setups

Just make sure that your Tamriel_Data is up to date, which the province mods will alert you to in our releases.

Summer 2016 Update Video is Out

We have a new update video out on Youtube! It's a little late, but is full of new information. There's no new release this quarter as we've been working hard on behind-the-scenes type stuff that doesn't show up in the construction set-- yet. We've been working on the Deshaan Plains and are still looking for help from modders on a variety of subjects. If you want to know more, watch the video.   


Our March release continues to be available at our website, TESNexus, and Great House Fliggerty.

Website Update

It’s been a good while since the last site update, but progress is underway, nontheless.

After many updates to the TR Handbook, it is maturing into the go-to guide for Tamriel Rebuilt, both for resources, guides, but also for lore and background information.

In another step towards a more modern, streamlined design process, we are starting to use a new Asset Browser, where we will coordinate meshes, textures, quest proposals and similar bottom-up develoment. As before, you do not need to be a developer to post Assets.

Finally, the website design has been updated, with improved support for mobile devices and a general eye-friendly overhaul.

While all of these processes are far from done, the recent steps taken make good on our promise that we will see this restructure through until the final release of a full Morrowind province.

There are, however, still many things that need to be done  and for this we need your help! For more information on the types of work we need, check out our Help Wanted page.


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