Frequently Asked Questions

Bugs and Errors

Q: I installed Tamriel Rebuilt and I keep seeing exclamation marks everywhere! Why?
Q: I’m getting “actor has no animation class” errors! Why?
Q: I coc to Firewatch and my game crashes after a ton of error messages! Why?
Q: I’m getting crazy error messages about missing meshes and missing items.
A: Your BSA is not registered. All meshes and textures TR uses are stored in two BSAs (Bethesda Softwork Archives) which for one reason or another the game can’t read. No matter what other sources may tell you, it’s always, always the BSA.

Unlike Skyrim and later TES games, Morrowind requires you to manually register your BSA in your Morrowind.ini (it’s in your game directory). Go find it, open it in your favorite text editor, find the [Archive] section, and add “Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa”.

Later Windows version might cause problems as well, since their advanced security measures are too much for Morrowind to handle, so it will just ignore the edited Morrowind.ini. Try reinstalling the game to somewhere outside of C:\Program Files\.

If you use OpenMW, editing your Morrowind.ini is not the only step when registering a BSA. Instead you need to edit your Openmw.cfg or reimport your Morrowind.ini after you edited it.

If you're missing sound files, check to make sure the small packet of files not in the BSA transferred correctly into your Data Files folder.

Finally, make sure you have Tamriel_Data.esm checked in your load order, and that it appears before all other Tamriel Rebuilt or Project Tamriel masterfiles or plugins.

Q: Everything was working fine until I started using the new version of TR. What's going on?
A: With the 16.09 release, TR switched over to a new data system using new datafiles. This switchover is detailed here. Your saved game and/or mods rely on an outdated version of TR's data. To fix this, we created an automatic patcher that can fix .esp and .ess files. The patcher and instructions are located here (link is external).

Q: I get an error message referring to “map1” and “map 2”. What’s going on?
A: Either your saved game or your mods used a very old version of TR from before we switched to our current masterfiles. While you can fix this by updating the masterfile dependencies with Wrye Mash or creating dummy ESMs with the same names, and then patching it (see above), we strongly recommend you start a new game to play TR and look for new versions of your mods.

Q: I have an error that isn't a BSA registration error. What do I do?
A: First, try installing Morrowind in a location other than Program Files and run it as an administrator. If this doesn't fix it, check out our chat channels or forums for more help.

Q: I found a bug! What do I do with it?
A: Report it in the Bugtracker. Give us as much information as you can, such as a screenshot, coordinates, error log, etc.

Q: I visited TR and it’s all empty. Don’t they have NPCs and quests?
A: See "what parts of TR are finished" below.

Q: My map won’t show the far away parts, and keeps snapping back to Vvardenfell. What’s going on?
A: Morrowind’s default map acts weird around cells that are far away. To deal with that, use Morrowind Code Patch and the “extend maps” option, or OpenMW.

Project Lore and Goals

Q: What Lore does TR rely on?
A: Short answer: we based our stuff off Morrowind, Daggerfall, and Battlespire. Long answer: read the About Our Lore page.

Q: Will TR be redoing any of the finished content?
A: Eventually, yes, we plan to do some updates and polishing on our released content, but only once the rest of the mainland is completed. The depth of the update/polish has not yet been determined.

Q: What is TR’s policy on donations?
A: TR does not accept donations, currently. We may in the future, but in that case the money would only go to the website hosting cost. Our project does not accept money for what we do. Feel free to contact individual modders to see if they have a patreon.

Q: Will TR ever be a paid mod?
A: No. TR will be free forever.

Q: Is TR an official mod?
A: No, TR is not associated with Bethesda Softworks at all, and like all mods for TES games we exist because they like mods.

Q: What parts of TR are finished?
A: Tamriel Rebuilt is made up of two major parts: TR_Mainland, which includes the fully interiorised, NPC'd, and quest-filled eastern third of the mainland, roughly the parts north and east of Almalexia/Mournhold.

TR_Preview, which contains the rest, is in various states of completion. Generally, the further west/south you go, the fewer NPCs and interiors you will see. The furthest regions may not have completed exteriors.

For more details, check the Progress Report.

TR_Mainland is our fully released content, while TR_Preview contains areas still in development

Q: What’s coming up next?
A: We have a listing of our regions in progress here. The Preview files get updated with every release. The Mainland file gets updated only when content has gotten sufficiently polished and is ready for official release. The things most likely to be released next are the things close to being done. For more information check the progress report.

Q: I want to help! What can I do?
A: See the join page.


Q: Does TR edit Vanilla Morrowind content? (Meaning: Vvardenfell, Mournhold or Solstheim)
A: As of the 16.12 release, we have only a few minor edits. In addition, our addon esp TR_Travels links the TR travel network to Vvardenfell, and removes a few vanilla travel routes.

Q: Will TR edit Vanilla Morrowind content in the future? (Meaning: Vvardenfell, Mournhold or Solstheim)
A: Short answer: Yes, minimally, focusing only on updating a few travel routes and some edits to Great House quests and some dialogue. Long answer: Our policy on this is listed here.

Q: What is TR’s policy on people making mods based on TR?
A: Go right ahead! Ask if you’re going to use our assets in another mod, but putting houses, etc on our mod is great. Beware that TR_Preview is likely to change with every release, so you may want to focus on TR_Mainland content.

Q: Is TR compatible with OpenMW?
A: Yes.

Q: Is TR compatible with Skywind or Morroblivion?
A: No, Skywind creates their own vision of Vvardenfell in Skyrim’s engine, while Tamriel Rebuilt creates Morrowind’s mainland around Vvardenfell in Morrowind’s engine. They have nothing to do with each other and are inherently incompatible. (They run on different games.)

The same holds true for Morroblivion, however there is an effort to port Tamriel Rebuilt’s cells over to it here (link is external).

Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt compatible with [Mod]?
A: We cannot guarantee compatibility with landmasses that conflict with ours, but generally speaking most mods that edit content on Vvardenfell should not have much of an impact on Tamriel Rebuilt as of yet. Many popular content mods have compatibility addons for Tamriel Rebuilt. Graphics replacers (such as those included in the popular MGSO compilation) will not conflict with Tamriel Rebuilt, but may not cover custom assets provided by the project. Morrowind Code Patch is not only compatible, but recommended.

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