FAQ: Factions

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Tamriel Rebuilt affect factions?
  • Can I play Tamriel Rebuilt without TR_Factions?'
  • I'm a faction leader and can't get quests on the mainland. Is something broken?

Frequently provided answers

In short: Separate Mainland factions haven't existed in any form for years. TR_Factions adds Telvanni Hortator quests and changes some rank-up requirements at the moment. In the future, it will overhaul the faction questlines. If you are a faction leader, most factions are locked from giving you more quests, which will be addressed at that point.


In detail: First, note that mainland factions are already merged in TR_Mainland. While for one and a half decade, Tamriel Rebuilt's factions were distinct from the ones on Vvardenfell, the division between, for example, the "Mages’ Guild" and the "Mainland Mages’ Guild" has not existed since TR1709, regardless of whether you use TR_Factions or not.

This does not mean the vanilla faction experience is affected. If you were to spend all your time on Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and Mournhold, you would be able to progress normally through each faction.

However, TR_Mainland adds many new quests to many of the existing factions, to varying extents. For example, at the release of TR 22.11, the mainland had several new Fighters, Mages, and Thieves Guild questlines, but no new quests for House Redoran.

While this simply reflects our region-by-region development process – we have not gotten to the regions where House Redoran holds land – these quests are available and will affect faction reputation and rank requirements. They will also feel disjointed as the Vvardenfell questlines will feel like they are in their own little world.

This is where TR_Factions comes in: its aim is to adjust existing factions to better integrate all of this new content.

For most factions - particularly those with many new quests - TR_Factions slows down the progression such that you must complete a reasonable number of both vanilla and Tamriel Rebuilt quests before taking charge of a given faction. Some factions are exempt from this treatment, at least for the time being. For instance, you can still rise to the rank of Factor in the East Empire Company only by completing Bloodmoon's Raven Rock questline.

TR_Factions makes a few other notable changes to factions. It fixes some of the vanilla dialogue to reflect the fact that life exists beyond the Inner Sea, for one. It also implements "reaction tables" between the vanilla and Tamriel Rebuilt factions. This means that if you serve the Imperial Legion, you will also gain the favor of the Imperial Archaeological Society (which is not joinable).

The plugin also makes more concrete changes to the gameworld. During the Hortator quest in the main questline, you now also need to persuade all of the mainland Telvanni councilors of your worthiness as well as the Vvardenfell ones. The same will be true of the other Houses, once they are more complete. Starting in version 22.11, it also allows you to complete Nerevarine quests for the Obainat and Ishanuran ashlanders on the mainland.

In the future, the unified faction questlines will be handled only with TR_Factions loaded.