FAQ: Settlement Names

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  • Where have the settlements from Arena gone?
  • Where is <city> now?

Frequently provided answers

In short: Renamed and moved around! City names changed drastically from Arena, as Bethesda decided to give all Dunmer cities actual Dunmeris names instead of keeping the English versions. As this has only happened with the cities that were on Vvardenfell, Tamriel Rebuilt has been doing the same for the mainland cities.


In detail: The history of settlements in The Elder Scrolls is a history full of misunderstandings. They are often renamed, suddenly move halfway across the province, or just deleted outright only to resurface in a later game. The settlements in Morrowind are no exception.

The Elder Scrolls I: Arena

In TES I: Arena, every province contained 8 city states, 8 towns, and 16 villages.
For the province of Morrowind, these were:

  • City States
    • Blacklight
    • Ebonheart
    • Firewatch
    • Kragenmoor
    • Mournhold
    • Narsis
    • Necrom
    • Tear
  • Towns
    • Dragon Glade
    • Eagle Moor
    • Glen Haven
    • Karththor Dale
    • Oaktown
    • Silgrad Tower
    • Silnim Dale
    • Stoneforest
  • Villages
    • Amber Forest
    • Corkarth Run
    • Cormar View
    • Darnim Watch
    • Greenheights
    • Heimlyn Keep
    • Helnim Wall
    • Karththor Heights
    • Markgran Forest
    • Old Keep
    • Old Run
    • Reich Parkeep
    • Riverbridge
    • Sailen Vulgate
    • Stonefalls
    • Verarchen Hall

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Concept Map)

The first names were changed during the planning stages of the original TES III: Morrowind, which was supposed to be set in a procedurally generated province. The map can be found »here« [UESP].
Please note that this information was not released until after Tamriel Rebuilt had already begun development. It was released publically for Morrowind 10th anniversary.

  • Towns
    • Dragon Glade => Draloris
    • Eagle Moor => Othrenis
    • Karththor Dale => Omaynis
    • Oak Town => Andrethis
    • Silnim Dale => Silnion Vale
    • Stoneforest => Stonewood
  • Villages
    • Amber Forest => Alavelis
    • Corkarth Run => Rathendis Falls
    • Cormar View => Cormaris View
    • Darnim Watch => Daryonis Watch
    • Glen Haven => Llothanis Heights
    • Karththor Heights => Velothis Haven
    • Markgran Forest => Sadrith Forest (traded place with Aldrun)
    • Old Run => Aldrun (traded place with Sadrith Forest)
    • Reich Parkeep => Selethis
    • Sailen Vulgate => Salen Vulgate
    • Verarchen Hall => Veranis Hall

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Pre-release Map)

The next changes were done when the scope of TES III was reduced to Vvardenfell and posted in a pre-release map.
The map can be found »here« [UESP].

  • Arena Towns
    • Aldrun => Ald'ruhn => Ald-ruhn
    • Sadrith Forest => Sadrith Mora
    • Stonewood => Balmora
  • Additional Settlements (Morrowind concept map)
    • Vivace => Vivec

This, plus the additional settlements that were placed on Vvardenfell, turned out to be the most relevant change for Tamriel Rebuilt. Bethesda had decided that Dunmer cities should use names in Dunmeris and moved away from all-English names, keeping them only for Imperial settlements.

While Bethesda left the names in books unchanged, it was this policy which caused about Tamriel Rebuilt to rename some of the settlements which then had been largely copied and pasted from Arena.

Tamriel Rebuilt

Over the years, various other changes were made as the names turned out to be just plain bad or too samey (particularly, the -sis endings were absolished where possible). This process has been taking place over the entirety of Tamriel Rebuilt‘s development.

The following list aims to simplify this long line of changes and list as many changes of them as possible, first within Arena‘s frame of categorisation, then with all cities that have been added later due to being mentioned in books or dialogue, and finally with all cities Tamriel Rebuilt created ex nihilo.

  • Arena City States
    • Blacklight => Baan Malur
    • Kragenmoor => Kragenmoore => Kragenmoor => Kragen Mar
    • Mournhold => Almalexia
    • Tear => Dres Tyr => Tear
  • Arena Towns
    • Dragon Glade => Akamora => split into Dun Senim, Umul, and Bet Yhdas (Planned!)
    • Eagle Moor => Othrensis
    • Glen Haven => Ranyon-ruhn
    • Karththor Dale => Kartur
    • Oaktown => Oak Town => Hlarud
    • Silgrad Tower => Kogotel
    • Silnim Dale => Dres Silnim
  • Arena Villages
    • Amber Forest => Bosmora => Mervayan (Planned!)
    • Corkarth Run => Corkarth Rhun => Dres Felyon
    • Cormar View => Cormaris => Cormar
    • Darnim Watch => Darnim => Ildrim
    • Greenheights => Alt Bosara
    • Heimlyn Keep => Ud Hleryn
    • Helnim Wall => Helnim Watch => Tel Muthada
    • Karththor Heights => Gah Ouadaruhn => Llothanis
    • Old Keep => Dres Horak
    • Reich Parkeep => Soluthis
    • Riverbridge => Almas Thirr
    • Sailen Vulgate => Sailen
    • Stonefalls => Andothren
    • Verarchen Hall => Verarchen
  • Additional Settlements (Morrowind concept map)
    • Alavelis =>Alavel
    • Port Telvanis => Port Telvannis1
    • Rathendis Falls => Rathendas2
  • Additional Settlements (Books and dialogue)
    • Ald Erfoud => Arvud
    • Bodrum => Bodrem
  • Additional Settlements (Tamriel Rebuilt)
    • Ayemar => Ammar
    • Darconis => Helnim
    • Dondrit => Dondril
    • Frakhelm => Ystralond
    • Hla Rhun => Rhanim
    • Kogo Aimrah => Aimrah
    • Rouaf Duhr => Roa Dyr
    • Seyda Vano => Id Vano
    • Sinramen Monastery => Saint Llothis (Planned!)
    • Strond => Dunkreath

1 The double-n in "Port Telvannis" was taken from a PGE1 map in the Morrowind data files.
2 While Corkarth Run was changed into Rathendis Falls, this did not happen in Tamriel Rebuilt. Both names were added and changed as if belonging to different settlements.