FAQ: TR_Data

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I download TR_Data?
  • I need TR_Data, but it's missing. Where can I find it?

Frequently provided answers

In short: TR_Data.esm was replaced with Tamriel_Data.esm with release TR1609. Whenever you encounter a message telling you that it is required, you are looking at an outdated mod or an outdated third party tool.


In detail: TR_Data was the second of the three asset repository master files required for playing Tamriel Rebuilt, the first being OoT (Objects of Tamriel; never part of a public release) and the third, and current one, being Tamriel_Data. Before the release of TR1609, all Tamriel Rebuilt releases required TR_Data.esm as a master file.
While the switch to Tamriel_Data was made in 2016, a lot of tools, mods, and TR integration plugins had already been abandoned at the time, which makes sure this problem will never truly go away.

A particularly problematic mod is the MGSO (Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul). It has been abandoned for years, shipped outdated plugins and tools even when it was still maintained, and is downloaded and used to this day. We strongly recommend against installing MGSO for various [Reddit] reasons [Reddit].

These are four of the most common tools and plugins that cause people to look for TR_Data:

The elder scrolls Mod Load Order eXpert (mlox)

Akin to Morrowind's version of Boss/Loot, mlox is a plugin sorter. It features rather complex rule files and gives information not only about the proper load order, but also about outdated plugin versions and better alternatives.

Outdated versions of mlox ship with MGSO and are available on the Nexus. These versions claim that TR_Mainland and TR_Preview require TR_Data and will occasionally place Tamriel_Data either above Tribunal or below TR_Mainland, causing startup crashes.

While the tool itself has been abandoned for a while, the most recent version, available here [Github], has rule files that recognize and set Tamriel_Data's place in the load order correctly.

As a general recommendation: do not use mlox from MGSO and do not use it blindly in any case. If you need to resort your load order quickly after an accident, use Wrye Mash (Polemos Fork) [Nexus Mods].

Graphic Herbalism

The most popular of the Herbalism mods - a type of mod which replace Morrowind's handling of plants as organic containers with Oblivion's and later games' handling of plants as activators - includes a TR addon. It is of course included in MGSO and with this vector found its way into the plugin list of unsuspecting users.

As stated in the description [Nexus Mods]:

Graphic Herbalism TR Add-on

Does the same for Tamriel Rebuilt, what the core Graphic Herbalism does for Vvardenfell; adds scripts to plants to make picking ingredients more convenient.

Note: Both TR Add-ons are for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East v1.5

As Sacred East v1.5 was released in 2013, this addon is completely outdated. Unfortunately, all modders who worked on Graphic Herbalism have stopped modding or left the Morrowind modding scene, which means that the Graphic Herbalism download will never be updated.

For those who want to keep using Graphic Herbalism, Graphic Herbalism Addons [Nexus Mods] had been available for a few years. Its ESPs and meshes replace the ones of the Graphic Herbalism TR addon.

However, it too, has been abandoned in favor of Graphic Herbalism - MWSE and OpenMW Edition [Nexus Mods] for a future-proof mod that replaces Graphic Herbalism and is optimized by not having every plant run a script. Tamriel_Data, starting with version 7, supports the functionality of this mod natively, meaning you only need to install Graphic Herbalism MWSE and OpenMW Edition and you are done..

Better Robes

Better Robes [Nexus Mods] replaces the robe meshes from Morrowind with versions that are optimized for the Better Bodies replacer. It does this by partially overwriting existing meshes and also adding new ones, mostly for female versions of the robes.

The download contains a Better Robes TR.esp, which, unique to this list, has been outdated since TR1512, as the result of an internal data restructuring at that time. This means that even the Filepatcher included in Tamriel_Data cannot fix the problems of this addon.

However, Better Robes - Updated Tamriel Rebuilt Patch [Nexus Mods] replaces both the faulty meshes and the ESP and should be used after installing the original Better Robes TR.esp.

Morrowind Comes Alive (MCA)

Dealing with one of the most consistent problems of modern TES games, the lack of NPCs, Morrowind Comes Alive [Nexus Mods] adds several hundred NPC spawns and levelled lists, adding randomised NPC spawns to Morrowind.

As with Graphic Herbalism, the TR addon is severely outdated and is included in MGSO. Unlike Graphic Herbalism, MCA expressively forbids editing its plugins.

While the Readme states the following:

MCA uses a ton of content created by other modders. Most of this stuff is okay for
you to use in your own mods as long as you credit the original authors. The only
exceptions are the armours by Jeremy McGuinn, which are only included with his
permission. If you are unsure who made a particular resource, just shoot me a PM on
the Bethesda forums.

Neoptolemus never added themself to the permission page on MW Modding History and the Nexus permissions state:

  • Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. You will need to seek permission from these authors before you can use their assets
  • Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances
  • Modification permission You are not allowed to modify my files, including creating bug fixes or improving on features under any circumstances

To create versions of MCA which have Tamriel_Data as a masterfile instead of TR_Data, you will need to use the Filepatcher included in the Tamriel_Data archive, then open the Construction Set and recompile all scripts of the filepatched MCA TR addon, then correct cell names where necessary.

Please make sure you do not share these files, as it goes agains the modders' permissions.