Tur Julan Hall of Judgement: Indoril Llathsa vs. Mischievous Scamp.

A court case, as well as an optional miniboss fight in Tur Julan.

A Scamp stands accused of larceny, assault, and indecent exposure in Tur Julan's court (Tur Julan, Crossing of Wings: Hall of Judgement). The player interrupts and has a choice of either...

  1. Apologizing and leaving
  2. Insulting the magistrate and fighting the court
  3. Representing the Scamp as his counselor

Option 1 is safe, though you will get attacked if you press on / return.

NPCs and General Dialogue: Tur Julan

Meeting summary: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/2019-07-07-meeting-summary

NPCs: Ghosts (creatures and/or NPCs with ghost shader effect) and Guardian Daedra.

The Daedra were put there as guardians and as a way to salt the earth as the land was lost to the Hlaalu. They should be largely Winged Twilights, Hungers, Scamps, maybe Dridea/Perthan and Atronachs.

Indoril Bounties

This esp is essentially an expansion on the 2 Aimrah bounties added in the TR_LakeAndaramNorth section file. It adds 4 new bounties to the hetmen around Roa Dyr, bringing the total to 6. Specifically the hetmen of Aimrah, Felms Ithul, Dondril, and Vhul. As such, this esp REQUIRES TR_Mainland, TR_IndorilThirr, and TR_LakeAndaramNorth to work properly. 

Details of the bounties below.


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