Almas Thirr

Rilsoan: Dangerous waters

Rilsoan is the little fisher village southeast of Almas Thirr (Indoril-Thirr).

Villager L (I'm thinking of Lloris Gilnam the shipmaster, just because players are sure to talk to him, but can be any other) is missing his brother A, a fisherman who disappeared gathering kollops in Mirou Grotto (or at least that's what he told him). You are warned that the grotto is treacherous and straggly, but there are several air bubbles.

Top Secret Recipe

A simple, short, and very straight to the point delivery quest for Almas Thirr that has more going on than immediately catches the eye. Talk to "Azarien Ulimal" over in the Almas Thirr Plaza to begin the quest.

Notes, while it should be completable, the reason it's at Asset Progress 60 is I've yet to clean or test it (at all), there's also an ending that I'd like to revise the dialogue to just a tad.

The Catcatchers

In the Almas Thirr plaza, a Hlaalu retainer from Andothren -- let me call him Nerlis, but feel free to change name and even house if it would make it better -- asks you for help. He has come to Almas Thirr with his Khajiit slave, Aillijar, to buy some [come up with some bulky item that he needs a slave to carry home]. While he was distracted, the Khajiit disappeared. He may have hidden anywhere on the plaza or in the buildings accessible from it, but he cannot have left the Plaza -- Nerlis has been keeping his eyes on the gates that lead out of the plaza.

His Death

A Dunmer in Almas Thirr asks the player to help him knock off an Indoril tollmer so that he may take the tollmer's place and status. The player can either sneak in and modify some records, or arrange to push the tollmer off a bridge (aka assassinate him). The Dunmer's motive may be that his ancestors were among those who offed themselves during the Armistice aftermath and so his family has been struggling in light of that, or that he was just plain of low birth and is trying to climb the social ladder.

No Good Deed

A shipment of mixed race slaves is waiting in Almas Thirr to go to an Indoril buyer. The buyer has discovered that some of the slaves are actually there to serve as Hlaalu spies, and wants the player to interrogate them and kill the spies. The Argonian and Dunmer slaves are innocent, while a Khajiit and an Altmer are the spies. The player can also free the spy-slaves, though the Khajiit will later come back to try and assassinate the player for blowing their cover. (No good deed goes unpunished, and all that.) The Altmer,in contrast, hightails it out of there, thankful for the release.

Silent Night

There is a fisherman in Almas Thirr (Raleth Hlasur) who snores like a rock every night, all night. One of the inhabitants of AT shares a wall with the his apartment and the snoring's been driving her mad for a while now. She asks the PC to go see Zissichieva in the OE Mages Guild to get a potion of silence disguised as a bottle of (some alcoholic drink).


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