Deshaan District

Concept Art for Maormer Ship

"Insectoid, certainly, with its membranous sails and rugged chitin hull, but she had seen similar if not identical seacraft in Morrowind. No, if not for the flag which was markedly alien, she would not have picked out the ship from others in the harbor." - description from "The Wolf Queen, Book Four" - < art of a Dunmer design using that description.

Argonian Skeleton

Generic undead argonian for general use

Will be essential for Deeshan and eventually blackmarsh but isnt currently required.

Mesh for the existing skull found under TR>M>tr_misc_skull_arg_01 texture is tr_bone_argonianskull


Salty Bones

Following this topic, I adapted some of my work into argonian skeletons partially coverted in salt.

The furnitures and misc items are in progress, I just present some examples. The creature will need animation but is customisable, and the salt parts could work just fine with a vanilla skeleton.

Could be a great match with Skeletons ARISE! too.

Concept art for Maormer Equipment

An open request for artists interpretation of Maormer armor for groups that might appear in the eastern ports. (Decision not yet final)

Broadly speaking we only need one set of armor, a clothing set, robes and a few weapons (especially a spear)

Suggested materials
-Scales, either taken from their sea serpents or styled after said
-Chitin, from crustaceans
-Coins from Orgnums Coffer, possibly better for a unique item but listed for posterity

Flesh Flies (black marsh/deshaan)

Swarm of flies that orignate from black marsh that have spread into the bottom parts of the deshaan, salt washes and mudflats.

Could be the same anim as photodragons, but different mesh and texture. So cannot be killed.
Has a script that allows it to cycle movement on an X and Y axis. If player comes into contact, starts draining health like lava does. Have SFX associated with the activator (flies sound).


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