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Installing Morrowind and the Construction Set under Wine in 2023

For years now, as a Linux user, I have been pretty staunchly in the camp of wanting to use OpenMW for all of my Morrowind needs. It is wonderful. But I've also had at least a passing interest in supporting the original engine and its enhancements under linux, if for no other reason than to muck about with the Construction Set. So, today I set out to get a playable copy of Tamriel Rebuilt running under MCP, MGEXE, and MWSE running on a modern linux system.

October 2022 Fundraiser and Musings of a System Engineer

Hi all!

Throughout the month of October 2022, we ran a fundraiser to raise funds for the hosting of the web presence of Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel. I am extremely pleased to announce that we doubled our stated goal of $1,000.00 USD by bringing in $2,065.72 USD! I am absolutely floored by the outpouring of support for the continuance of the mission of PTR. The Morrowind community is full of superstars, and this is a fantastic example of that!

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