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Astral Vapor cured removes half of Atronach birthsign

Reported on Something Awful.

Astral Vapors is an illness added by Tamriel Rebuilt (originally part of Oblivion) that adds Stunted Magicka as one of its effects. Curing Astal Vapors also "cures" the Stunted Magicka effect from the Atronach birthsign.

Aside from changing the effect of Astral Vapors, it should be checked if OpenMW has the same problem as the vanilla engine.

Problems with install

I have download the following files: Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 HF04-42145-17-09-04 Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 hotfix5 Tamriel_Data (HD)-44537-5-1 Tamriel_Data 5.1 Hotfix-44537-1 The PT and TR Files is writting into into Morrowind.ini, and the games starts up fine. HOWEVER, when I try to add (TR_Factions.esp or TR_Mainland1709_hotfix5.esp) the game writes this: One of the files that "TR_Factions.esp" is dependent on has changed since the last save. This may result in errors.

Bed rental in The Silver Serpent, Firewatch


when asking Polanna, the publican of the Silver Serpent in Firewatch for a bed and chosing the dialogue option "Yes, allright, give me the bed." I get this error message poping up:

Script TR_m1_NPC
Syntax Error Line 1.
Could not find variable "rent".
==>CompileAndRun problem was found in Topic "Beds"
   "Great. The bed is yours. Enjoy your stay."

I can't use the bed when I click on it, because Polanna reminds me to pay her first.


Error with Script TR_m3_NPC_OE_tower in Ebon Tower

I'm getting this error in Akatosh'sTower when choosing "Pleased to meet you" in Memistrean Fellux's greeting:

Script TR_m3_NPC_OE_tower
ou need to enter a value on line 1?
Compiled scrpt not saved!

Plugins active:

Bal Orya Silt Strider Arrival

When using a silt strider to arrive at Bal Orya, we appear underwater sometimes. Journeys from Ranyon-Ruhn arrive at the proper silt strider dock, but the player is dropped off underwater when travelling from Tel Ouada. Coordinates of the Tel Ouada -> Bal Oyra destination are given above. This is occuring in games with and without TR_Travels.esp


A handful of floating trees surrounding Llothanis.

Also, just immediately to the north of Llothanis, (X-275813.63 Y-101214.09) we have a "Ruinous crypt" full of vampires.

The interior looks really good, however it appears to be an ancient human-style stone crypt. Is there a lore reason for that being there? It seems like a Dunmer style crypt would be more appropriate? Especially if it's quite old and abandoned.

Just a thought.

Missing meshes and icons found

Found some missing meshes and icons.I am a new modder so am unsure it comes from tr but am posting here just in case.I do use MGSO with known fixes.The missing meshes found so far are all books except 1 is an amulet and all are missing the inventory icons as well.I have replaced the meshes with generic so they display ingame without the yellow box with ! The icons still display a red circle with a slash in inventory as I do not know the path.These are the files found so far:


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