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Password required?

When i try to unzip the tamriel data files, the download will pause halfway through asking for a password. I have tried to unzip the files from the nexus and from this website, both times using the hd resolution. So, i really dont know whats going on? Can you help, please? I read on the nexus some other guy had the same trouble while using the vanilla resolution, so i doubt its the hd thats the problem.

Missing walkway and ground meshes around Marog.

1. There is a chunk of telvanni pathway that is missing in Marog.  Just a few feet in the lower part of the city near the rope bridge. 
2. There is a massive chunk of land missing right beneath Kemel-Ze as soon as you cross the rope bridge from Marog.  This missing land extends all the way to the main doorway of Kemel-ZE.

Llothanis Tavern Blades member quest

As in the title there is a problem with the quest about catching (or letting go) a moonsugar dealer in the tavern-
after following him downstairs he opens the door and then stops walking, just freezes.The invisible Blades member is waiting in the room but his dialague stays
the same and the dealers dialogue also is the same as when walking with the player. I tried several times, placed the guy in the room but nothing happens.
I run the dialogue lines again with the placed npc, still nothing.

Morrowind load order

Hello world i have done it ! 
downloaded all that has to be downloaded 
put everything in my data file ...
followed the tutorial to the end ...
But there is one little Problem when i have to register the Bsa archive
My archive are at the end of my Morrowind.ini folder but in the launcher when i clic on data file there is a mess and the file are before Morrowind.esp tribunal.esp and Bloodmoon.esp....

Here is the end of my morrowind.ini

topic overriding

I think topic “running an errand” may hide standard “errand” topic making impossible to go on with (link is external) without addtopic errand by console
possible fix: addtopic errand in the same greeting introducing the “running an errand” topic e.g.

addtopic "running an errand" ; safety
addtopic "errand" ; fix for main quest
Journal "EB_Express" 10
Choice "I'll deliver it for you." 1 "I can't help you." 2


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