Closed (Fixed)

TR\m\TR_Key_DD22 & DD23.nif

Trying to place any item using TR\m\TR_Key_DD22.nif or TR\m\TR_Key_DD23.nif into the CS causes a CTD. This does not seem to be working as designed. I do not know whether this causes issues in game. Loading cells that already contain this key appears to work just fine (though the camera has some trouble centering on the item).

Small Landscape Errors

8/26/2019 (08:49)    TR_Mainland.esp    8/25/2019 (20:52)    Bas    flora_bush_01    Aanthirin Region (3,-29)    28242    -237090    635    "Bush bleeding through ground"    
8/26/2019 (08:49)    TR_Mainland.esp    8/25/2019 (20:52)    Bas    flora_comberry_01    Aanthirin Region (4,-29)    33522    -235899    1244    "Comberry bleeding through ground"    
8/26/2019 (08:50)    TR_Mainland.esp    8/25/2019 (20:52)    Bas    Terrain_rocks_AI_03    Aanthirin Region (4,-29)    32795    -233660    853    "Floating rocks"    

No bounty for harassing Felms Ithul velk

The velk have a script to detect the grievous crime of attacking/killing them. Unfortunately the container it uses get locked with a level (100) higher than the designated Open spell can open meaning no crime is ever detected. Solution: lower the lock level. Container is missing ownership, but failed lockpick attempts not being crimes was also an openmw engine bug


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