Closed (Fixed)

Various Mainland bugs

T_Mw_Flora_TreeOak_03    Aanthirin Region (7,-25)    64581    -202750    2490    "tree caspering at the bottom"    
flora_comberry_01    Aanthirin Region (9,-30)    80853    -242985    315    "comberry bleeding maybe a bit to much here"    
flora_comberry_01    Velonith (10,-30)    82147    -242003    315    "comberry bleeding maybe a bit to much here"    
ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Vhul (10,-24)    88156    -195468    339    "Door sunken in ground"    

Wayrest painter doesn't take silverware bowl

TR_Mainland.esm    TR_m3_Neel Gymont00000000    Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art    -114    -830    130    "brought him 2x wooden bowl, 2x redware bowl and 1 silver bowl but he wouldnt take on the wayrest painter quest"   

Although he did state to bring him 5 of almost any bowl I could find. Why can't he mix in silverware..

Paper Lantern Marog

There's a paper lantern half inside of the mountain in Marog next to the house of Dithrasa Nerthul. Actually the whole house is put into the mountain weirdly but that's debatable. (sorry for the nighttime on the second screenshot)


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