Closed (Fixed)

Wrong-facing door in Neel Gymont's House in Old Ebonheart

The door at the top of the stairs in Neel Gymont's house in Old Ebonheart is opening the wrong way: it opens towards the stairs, which makes it swing into the void above the topmost steps (see attached screenshot)
A potential fix woud be to have the door open "inwards", towards the upstair floor.
Interior cell ID : Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art

Beleaguered Sanctuary (Akamora Fighters Guild)

Apart from the directions to this shrine that are utterly useless (or my navigation skills for that matter). Didn't see any of the landmarks, maybe they got changed over time. Leaving south of Akamora imidiately leads to a forked road. It said keeping the silt strider at right, this suggests road marked 1 in screens. I think I should have been taking the other road. But hey, maybe that's is the thing with a shrine. May Almsivi guide me.

Emmurbalpitu Llorissa Fali stuck at meeting

After heading back to Emmurbalpitu and talking to the people in the cave nothing can move forward. Talking to Llorissa she just states "Ill meet you in Emmurbalpitu, you have my word ill be there".
The winged twilight just says "lets hear what that fool has too say". Nothing I can do will move the quest forwards. My latest journal entry is Llorissa Faali agreed to return to the shrine to confront her brothers and sisters I should return to the shrine of aizshur shure and let her know of this"


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