Closed (Fixed)

Book image issues

‘The Sacred Lands: Southeast’ (TR_sc_map2se) has a picture that is stretched and looks pretty bad at 1920x1080.


‘Maps of Molagreahd’ (TR_bk_mapbook_m1_01) and ‘Maps of The Telvanni Isles’ (TR_bk_mapbook_m1_02) have pictures that are very small (unscaled?) at 1920x1080 with MCP improved book rendering.

Pan mesh offset

TR_misc_pan_01 is offset from it’s origin by about 50 units. (roughly -30, -20)

There is a fixed mesh in the linked thread. In the current public release it’s placed 28 times, and those placements will obviously need to be adjusted.

Scales icons

Icons for both of the scales have gross white outlines that look awful. Additionally, there are two unused (so far as I can tell) scales icons – and are UNUSED.

NPC "TR_m4_Geles Todros" greets me with his sword

You should not trust my memory any more than you trust a shady Camonna Tong escort, but I believe he used to initiate an escort quest which led you to a fight somewhere. But currently, as soon as I talk to him the first time, he greets me with the line "I don't know where you're taking us, but this ends here. We shouldn't have trusted you!" [Greeting 1], and attacks me. If you look at the dialogue conditions in the attached screenshot, you might notice that there are only two conditions, taking up slots 2 and 4.


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