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Locutius Family Liquor has wrong effect

The beneficient effect of Locutius Family Liquor, recieved as a reward for the first OE Fighter's Guild quest, is Restore Willpower, 50 pts for 60 seconds, which certainly not makes any sense to me, especially when comparing to other liquors. I think the intended effect is Fortify Willpower, so this should be changed accordingly.

Suggestion to make Nerasa Veran's dialogue refer to Andor Orothi specifically

During the temple quest, Outlandish Heresy, Nerasa Veran's dialogue is "No, I don't believe you. You're just a lackey. Go speak with a Temple Master or a Patriarch in Mournhold district. Tell them what I want." It may make more sense for her to say "No, I don't believe you. You're just a lackey. Go speak with a Andor Orothi. Tell him what I want." As he has the relvant diolgue option for the quest and is the nearest relevant temple master. 

New Installation Instructions

EDIT: version 2 -- segmented the instructions better. Now vanilla and OpenMW are totally separate and Optional mods are found in the end of each instruction set, where they hopefully don't overwhelm the reader.

The installation instructions provided in the latest readme file were outdated, due to the switch to the new BAIN folder structure. Also, so many people now are using OpenMW that it seems prudent to include instructions for it. Here is the rewritten section II:

Item TR_m1_w_Reaper not in Dadrunibi

The Item Kana-Revis (TR_m1_w_Reaper) (Chimeri Sickle) is not in Dadrunibi. The wiki states it should be and even provides a map, however all that is there is a pile of gold and some gems. This is not game breaking, but it is meant to be used as in the temple quest Seht's Ward (TR_m1_TT_5) as a trade for the amulet. 

script TR_m2_q_29_OlmuTravel

set "T_De_Set_BannerSaintAralor_01_refu".control to 0

in script TR_m2_q_29_OlmuTravel cannot compile

1. T_De_Set_BannerSaintAralor_01_refu does not exist

2. it would not work anyway (identifier too long)


[EDIT] same with TR_m3_OE_TG_MaskGuard_SCP



I think

startcombat, "TR_m4_cr_Aizuhr-Suur2"

should be commented out in script TR_m4_NPC_LlorissaFaali to be sure the rest of the script compiles correctly


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