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Some minor mainland bugs

TR_m3_Alammu_Vandalas00000000    Enamor Dayn, Tradehouse    3491    4952    15554    "trader has 0 gold"    
TR_Mainland.esp    1/1/2012 (18:00)    flora_tree_ai_02    Ascadian Bluffs Region (3,-19)    26199    -148154    3213    "jagged terrain next to tree"    
TR_Mainland.esp    1/1/2012 (18:00)    flora_bc_grass_02    Aanthirin Region (2,-21)    19766    -167897    421    "grass in rock"    
TR_Mainland.esp    1/1/2012 (18:00)    flora_bc_grass_02    Aanthirin Region (2,-23)    18866    -184956    121    "Sink grass a little"    

Vivec Guild Guide Ohmonir - MG members only?

Guild guide Ohmonir at the Mages Guild in Vivec seems to be for Mage Guild members only - is that intentional?

He is part of the travel network going from Vaardenfell to the mainland. All of the other guides I have seen that go to the mainland do not require guild membership. I realized this when I used the guide in Old Ebonheart to travel to Vivec and then was unable to return via Ohmonir, because I was not a Mage Guild member. So, other than becoming a member, my only option to return to OE was to travel to Ebonheart and get a boat, which was a bit of a hassle.

"A Champion Lost" quest, missing note in the cave

The quest (id: TR_m3_FG_OE_ChampLost ) leads to Munamnabi cave where you're supposed to find a note... ( According to ) I did not find it, I even looked everywhere with TCL command... I also confirmed the quest worked ok after typing "player->additem TR_m3_OE_FG_bk_ConJou1 1" to console and reading the note.

Message to Myth journal error

the quest has you go to duke dren, but all the latter dialogue and journal entries say you had to go to the guy in the ebon tower

heres how i did it

i got the quest from the dunmer in the chapel
i was nerevarine
he told me to go to duke dren
i did and came back to the chapel
and then the quest was over and my journal looked like the image

Various Mainland bugs

T_Mw_Flora_TreeOak_03    Aanthirin Region (7,-25)    64581    -202750    2490    "tree caspering at the bottom"    
flora_comberry_01    Aanthirin Region (9,-30)    80853    -242985    315    "comberry bleeding maybe a bit to much here"    
flora_comberry_01    Velonith (10,-30)    82147    -242003    315    "comberry bleeding maybe a bit to much here"    
ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Vhul (10,-24)    88156    -195468    339    "Door sunken in ground"    


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