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Freedom for Fiend Quest: Unable to start the quest, due to the Gem missing

Going through the Imperial Archeological Society's basement I haven't noticed any sounds, text appearing, though I should have. In the locked room of the basement, where the Gem, responsible for the quest beginning must lie, there is no trace of it at all.

Jury and Executioner dialog makes no sense

When confronting the hostage-taker in this quest, I chose to cast a Calm Humanoid spell on the NPC. My response choices to the ensuing dialog were something like "You must forfeit your purloined goods and go to jail", which makes no sense, since the NPC was guilty of hostage-taking, not theft. Some cleanup would be helpful here.

Light objects dissapearing and being applied to character.

While in certain new interiors there is a light_dae_brazier_320. You can open your inventory and click on it as if picking up an item. Doing so will delete the light and also make your character shine as if you were the light. I cant find anything in my inventory and the lighting effect on your character never seems to go away. It does not display as any "Light" spell effect.
One of these braziers can be found in Emmurbalpitu, Aisle of Dawn as an example, but its not the place where i picked up 4 of these lights (some cave west of Indal-ruhn i forgot the name).

Broken dialogue topic "revenge"

In the quest "Intrigue in Port Telvannis", Inera Ilneram has a broken dialogue topic. When I click on "revenge" in conversation with her--at all stages of the quest--she says "This pains me to ask you, Sorian, but I am used to the pain. I need your help. I can go no further in my condition, and I am no warrior. but these enslavers I have tracked down must die. Will you help me?" 

Issue with ceiling brightness in Kemel Ze - Chuntench

Hi, I noticed a strange bug in the Kemel-ze - chuntench cell. When I first enter the cell and I am standing on the bridge near the entrance, if I look at the cave ceiling, its brightness seems to change quite dramatically, depending on the view angle. I am using OpenMW, so I don't know if it happens with the original engine. The issue is aesthetic and doesn't affect gameplay, but I found it noticeable.

Stronghold ruin with unnatural vertex colours on Gorne

Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 37479
RefID: ex_strongruin_smdwell00
Cell: Nedothril Region
Grid: 40 -28
Coordinates: 334752 -224519 1875.86
Model: meshes\x\ex_strongruin_smdwell00.nif

The wooden X frame on the roof of this ruined hut has unnatural green/purple/blue vertex colours.


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