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Taking the boat to Old Ebonheart/Seyda Neen slowly nudges the NPC away (OpenMW)

I use Foryn Gilnith's Shack as my Morrowind base of operations, so I travel back and forth between Old Ebonheart<->Ebonheart<->Seyda Neen all the time on boat. Slowly each time I take these boat paths the sailor NPCs at Seyda Neen (Sentius Veros) and Old Ebonheart (Aeta the Spear) are pushed a little bit further away every time. The one on the Seyda Neen dock has already fallen off of the dock and into the water, and the Old Ebonheart one is getting close to falling off the dock as well.

Message displaying at wrong time in "Freedom for a Fiend"

During the quest "Freedom for a Fiend", when approaching Seitur you will get a message that the blade is feeling the presence of its victim, or something on those lines. This is however happening also before reaching the appropriate quest phase, i.e. after having started the quest, but before retrieving the blade, which is a bit confusing. I have unfortunately not been able to locate which script is responsible for this behaviour.

Flora_bc_lilypad_02 used in Tel Muthada

Flora_bc_lilypad is used multiple times in the settlement of Tel Muthada. The issue with this is that lilypad was intented to be placed on the swamp water of the Bitter Coast, which means it's texture reacts as if it was. From certain angles, it looks as if it is clear but from others it has the swamp texture atttached to it. This behavior exists in both OpenMW and vanilla(MGXE).

The Speed of Lightning

When triggering Vontus the quest npc he runs directly south which is backed up by the journal. The body is found in Saveri which is southeast of Vhul and is actually more east than south - 2 cells south 3 east. The quest npc should either be moved to die in a straight line south or he should run in the correct direction as I ran south for 10 mins with Boots of Blinding speed, way into the preview content without finding him, gave up and googled it.

Missing objects , scripts and loading crash after tamriel rebuilt update

So after updating Tamriel rebuilt esm I start the game and in the game loading (not save loading) I get the notifications 
- missing necrom door
- missing necrom key
- unable to locate sigil amulet ayem , quam, shet, vehk, e oht  in leveled item kha date amulets 
- native ebony gauntlet not found on athelyn savil 

What am I supposed to do?

TR_m3_Galug the Barber loses his script when not loaded before, causes CTD

During TR_m3_OE_GhoulBusiness, if the player finds the corpse of TR_m3_Tindalos Miranus, TR_m3_Galug the Barber is moved behind the player, with the intention of triggering a ForceGreeting when the player approaches him. This works, if the player has visited Ebon Tower, Mara's Tower where Galug is normally located.

Freedom for Fiend Quest: Unable to start the quest, due to the Gem missing

Going through the Imperial Archeological Society's basement I haven't noticed any sounds, text appearing, though I should have. In the locked room of the basement, where the Gem, responsible for the quest beginning must lie, there is no trace of it at all.


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