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TR_Mainland.esm    ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Almas Thirr, Plaza    3906    5101    11451    "check door mesh position"

TR_Mainland.esm    T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01    Almas Thirr (6,-28)    56600    -222453    1477    "fixposition"

note: there are more T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01 static positions wrong, use the right clik/info in the construction set and check all the references

[EDIT] more position problems

TR's female shirts do not fit on Better Bodies

The shirt models in TR_Data are still not adapted for Better Bodies (or Robert's Bodies) which I would say have become the standard in a modded game nowadays, simply because they are better. This is particularly evident for the female models, where the model used in TR is clipping into the skin at the neck. The models in PT_Data (which are also commonly used in Tamriel Rebuilt) use better-bodies aware meshes, so this should not be too difficult to implement.

Taking the boat to Old Ebonheart/Seyda Neen slowly nudges the NPC away (OpenMW)

I use Foryn Gilnith's Shack as my Morrowind base of operations, so I travel back and forth between Old Ebonheart<->Ebonheart<->Seyda Neen all the time on boat. Slowly each time I take these boat paths the sailor NPCs at Seyda Neen (Sentius Veros) and Old Ebonheart (Aeta the Spear) are pushed a little bit further away every time. The one on the Seyda Neen dock has already fallen off of the dock and into the water, and the Old Ebonheart one is getting close to falling off the dock as well.

Message displaying at wrong time in "Freedom for a Fiend"

During the quest "Freedom for a Fiend", when approaching Seitur you will get a message that the blade is feeling the presence of its victim, or something on those lines. This is however happening also before reaching the appropriate quest phase, i.e. after having started the quest, but before retrieving the blade, which is a bit confusing. I have unfortunately not been able to locate which script is responsible for this behaviour.


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