Turosi Salvel has two houses

For the quest Noise Off you have to locate Turosi Salvel. He owns a house which is empty and looks a bit plain, on the south/central side of town.

Report time: 2020.03.26 18:25:23 UTC
Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 278751
RefID: active_de_p_bed_04
Memory address: 0000015901E2D460
Cell: Port Telvannis, Turosi Salvel's House
Coordinates: -134.176 16.2795 31.469
Model: meshes\f\Active_De_Bed_04.NIF
Script: Bed_Standard

Quest: "The Rift" cannot be completed after Rilvin Dral disappears

One of the books needed for the quest, "Hyperagonal Media Theorem", is carried by Rilvin Dral. After a certain point in the House Telvanni questline, Dral disappears to his pocket realm which is unreachable, taking the book with him. The quest cannot be completed in that case.

Asking around about the book using its topic, people tell you: "I've certainly never heard of a book like that. Sounds like the sort of thing you'd find in Lord Dral's library.", but as far as I could tell from looking around and checking the CS, the book is not placed anywhere.

Misspelling in Map of Aanthirin

"independant" should be "independent"
Also "find hovel" is not a phrase I've ever heard before. A hovel is usually used to describe a wretched hole or shack where an extremely poor rural person might live. Finding a hovel could be what the author meant, but that also seems like really poor hospitality to offer a traveler.

Why edit: Note, this is a Tamriel_Data object. The ID is T_Bk_MapsM3-2TR

MinerMan60101Today at 12:02 AM
Also that bookart should say "To Andothren" with an arrow pointing northwest

Faction quest failure: demotion alone is useless

Some faction quests demote the player, not usually interesting (failure state=reload) but it's useless if advancement isn't at least temporarily blocked at the questgiver's location. Demoting doesn't lower the faction reputation that lets the player get promoted again.

See uses of PCLowerRank

already does it correctly:

probably not:
TR_m1_FG_Jana      (typo burgalled=burglared)

LTEX & Tes3cmd - Problem solveable?

An inherent problem to Morrowind - LTEX stores all texture IDs and paths that were once upon a time used in the plugin, and can't be easily gotten rid of or patched.

For example




The biggest problem is that Morrowind registers them as two different textures and thereby can create texture seams even if the textures themselves are actually identical.

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