TemplarTribe Discord Bugs

Reported by TemplarTribe on Discord:

POSSIBLE BUG ALERT: In Dadrys Ancestral Tomb there are a few questionable barrels used such as barrel_smuggler and barrel_moonsugar which don’t really fit the whole ancestral tomb theme although it’s not implied if there were bandits in there

BUG ALERT: in the quest Tamriel Rebuilt, the last journal entry states that Docelle Bien took the tiles, however the tiles are never removed from the players inventory and I don’t believe her dialogue suggests she takes the tiles either. She simply says they are switching to felt.

Helnim: Midnight Meeting Bug

Basically, in my game, when waiting for Kastav Munia to make his way to the predestined meeting point at the docks mentioned in the quest, he seems to set off but then almost invariably get stuck on the sign outside Peladia Varousha's armorer shop. If I use the RA command enough, I am able to eventually get him to scoot past it, but that's only if I'm lucky.

Intervention Incredibly Inconsistent and Broken in Places

Almsivi and Divine Intervention are extremely unreliable and unexplained across most of the mainland, with casting intervention just about anywhere outside of the OE-Almas Thirr area bringing you across Morrowind to Salien, including casting either Intervention spell in Mournhold, which in vanilla brings you to the Imperial Cult in the Palace for Divine and the High Fane for Almsivi.


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