Mephalan Vales Fake Water

This is actually probably a really old bug but I was hopingi t was fixed by now.
This pool of water is southeast of Dun Akafell and isn't actually interactable by the player which is kinda strange since you can actually go below it..

Edit: found the coordinates.
Mephalan Vales Region 28,-14 and it actually is just southeast of Dun Akafell.

Problems with install

I have download the following files:

Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 HF04-42145-17-09-04
Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 hotfix5
Tamriel_Data (HD)-44537-5-1
Tamriel_Data 5.1 Hotfix-44537-1

The PT and TR Files is writting into into Morrowind.ini, and the games starts up fine.

HOWEVER, when I try to add (TR_Factions.esp or TR_Mainland1709_hotfix5.esp) the game writes this:

One of the files that "TR_Factions.esp" is dependent on has changed since the last save.
This may result in errors. Saving again will clear this message



- only counts 1 hour when time changes and only counts time that passes while in the presence of TR_m1_Shanath Teran (if you ditch the NPC and come back 24-30 hours later, won't it behave as if no time has passed?)
- TR_m1_Shanath Teran  will just follow you anywhere for those 6 hours regardless of exterior coordinates or cell (can be used to clear the ancestral tomb next to the smugglers without complaint, is this an issue?)
- quest completed by forcegreeting in Greeting 5

3 Bugs in Helnims and Firewatchs Thieves Guild

Helnim, Thieves Guild. NPC: Greedy Hofmund. 
I play a thief character, currently in the rank of "Operator". I'm doing guilt work in Helnim and when Greedy Hofmund, the man in charge in Helnim, adresses me with my rank he calls me "Toad". Other guild members recognize my status as an "Operative". I have met Hofmund when I was a "Toad", so maybe he gets stuck in this first impression rank? 


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