Thirsty Saint Cornerclub owner wears Morag Tong clothing

The owner of the "Thirsty Saint Cornerclub" (great name btw.), in Almas Thirr wears a shirt that is typically only worn by members of the Morag Tong. As it's another vanilla asset that has not it's faction-relation stated in it's name, just like the red Morag Tong robe and the blue Temple robe, this kind of error is easy to oversee, but may "bug" a person well versed in the lore who looks for details like this. Minor bug, but it would be cool to have exteriors and interior modders now a bout those particular items, so they can avoid them just like the style mixing in the future.

Self-Z-Fighting Desk

Screenshots say it all. The model has two issues, the trim not connecting to the rest of the desk, and the two instances of z-fighting on the front of it. This could possibly have more issues, so whoever's fixing this should try and find any.

Some minor OE embassy grammar stuff

- The second sentence of Elteryn of Firsthold's Moridunon description is awkwardly phrased and should be rewritten to something like:
"It is home to the city of Firsthold, the first city that Aldmeri High Lord Torinaan built through magic and sweat, and Skywatch, the intimidating kingdom whose battles with the Valenwood Isles are as legendary as they are shameful."
The word "intimidating" is also a little odd in this context and could maybe be replaced by "forboding"  or similar.


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