Message to Myth journal error

the quest has you go to duke dren, but all the latter dialogue and journal entries say you had to go to the guy in the ebon tower

heres how i did it

i got the quest from the dunmer in the chapel
i was nerevarine
he told me to go to duke dren
i did and came back to the chapel
and then the quest was over and my journal looked like the image

TR_m3_LA_TheRift relies on archmagister Dral

Dral who's supposed not to be there in the future and is already disabled during hortator by the factions plugin. "Dral's library" is actually a pretty interesting idea for a reimplementation of this part of the quest in a world Dra left centuries ago, but better not involve the character directly in new quests. Also for this quest in the meantime either a different wizard or a workaround when he's disabled would be nice.

some typos and dialog inconsistencies

So the Filthy Book and Rotting Book items you find the Daedric Ruin Library dedicated to Sheogorath have some minor typos.
"Pages are Torned out, full with sometimes childish, sometimes frightening scribble and scrabble... The whole book is unreadable and unenjoyable..."

The word "torned" should be "torn", "torned" is not a real word.

the Rotting book has a minor typo too. "Some thing" should be one word "something"

Now for a dialog inconsistency:

TR_m3_TT_Illene - Ilene teloth fleeing all the time

From the player's journal:
"Llevari Uvelar attacked me. I could try to calm her down and speak to her again. However, since she's now chasing me, I could also use this opportunity to lure her back to Serynthul."

Except she's not chasing me; instead she summons a bonewalker and starts running away in random direction. It's not possible to lure her to Serynthul this way.


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