Broken dialogue topic "Dwemer ruins" in Dagon Fel

With TR_Mainland.esm from the 20.02 release enabled, every single time I ask a NPC in Dagon Fel or any of its interiors about "Dwemer ruins" they all just spit out the same word - "DELETME". I have the slightest gut feeling that this could just be placeholder text that was accidentally left in but I'm not entirely sure. I first noticed this in a modded installation I was putting together but I'm still getting "DELETME" as a response in a freshly installed GOG version of Morrowind with nothing but the standard Bethesda .esms, Tamriel_Data and TR_Mainland ticked in the launcher.

Broken dialogue topic "revenge"

In the quest "Intrigue in Port Telvannis", Inera Ilneram has a broken dialogue topic. When I click on "revenge" in conversation with her--at all stages of the quest--she says "This pains me to ask you, Sorian, but I am used to the pain. I need your help. I can go no further in my condition, and I am no warrior. but these enslavers I have tracked down must die. Will you help me?" 

"TR_hla_sharpshooter" needs a melee weapon and a torch

Generic guard NPC "TR_hla_sharpshooter" needs a melee weapon. The guard already has a bow and 20 arrows and comes with a neat script to switch between ranged and melee (short blade) attacks. However, the guard doesn't have a melee weapon. After the arrows run out, the guard resorts to fisticuffs.

Suggestion: add a Steel Shortsword into "TR_hla_sharpshooter"'s inventory.

Edit: just realized they dont have torches either. Also add those.

"What happened in Emmurbalpitu": Quest stuck

I was doing the quest "What happened in Emmurbalpitu", and had set a mark in the shrine in front of Aizuhr-Suur so I didn't have to walk all the way back. When I recalled, the ghosts were already all lined up and Llorissa Faali was in the shrine. When I talk to her, she tells me "I'll see you in Emmurbalpitu. You have my word that I will be there." but just stands still. When I talk to Aizuhr-Suur, she says "Let's see what this foolish mortal has to say." Did I brek the quest by recalling in?

Turosi Salvel has two houses

For the quest Noise Off you have to locate Turosi Salvel. He owns a house which is empty and looks a bit plain, on the south/central side of town.

Report time: 2020.03.26 18:25:23 UTC
Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 278751
RefID: active_de_p_bed_04
Memory address: 0000015901E2D460
Cell: Port Telvannis, Turosi Salvel's House
Coordinates: -134.176 16.2795 31.469
Model: meshes\f\Active_De_Bed_04.NIF
Script: Bed_Standard

Shara Mantiti's house is not properly linked up

Shara Mantiti's House. Her door is on the outside of a pod, without any walkway. You can float to it. If you exit, you get placed somewhere on the floor outside, precisely below it.

Report time: 2020.03.25 19:44:49 UTC
Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 275758
RefID: in_t_housepod_door_exit
Memory address: 0000021CCA869360
Cell: Port Telvannis, Shara Mantiti's House
Coordinates: 384 0 0
Model: meshes\d\In_T_housepod_door_exit.nif



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