No ownership in HlaaluThirr

Mundrethi Plantation, Farm Storage
Mundrethi Plantation, Workers' House
Mundrethi Plantation, Merengor's House
Mundrethi Plantation, Merengor's House, Underground
+ Mushrooms need placement correction
Vathras Plantation, Slaves' Shack One
Oran Plantation, Northern Slave Shack
Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Servant Quarters
Oran Plantation, South-Western Tower
Oran Plantation, Southern Slave Shack
Oran Plantation, Southern Tower
- should be House Hlaalu Lawman instead?

Astral Vapor cured removes half of Atronach birthsign

Reported on Something Awful.

Astral Vapors is an illness added by Tamriel Rebuilt (originally part of Oblivion) that adds Stunted Magicka as one of its effects. Curing Astal Vapors also "cures" the Stunted Magicka effect from the Atronach birthsign.

Aside from changing the effect of Astral Vapors, it should be checked if OpenMW has the same problem as the vanilla engine.

orders topic

topic orders for NPC TR_m3_Foedius Locutius is apperaring when it should not even if TR_m3_FG_OE_Cursing quest is not yet started (I think it should be filtered also for TR_m3_FG_OE_Cursing >= 20)

Bugs Encountered In Ranyun-ruhn Quests

  • During the quest where the two Argonian "slaves" were supposed to "follow me to town", when they attacked me, I got a 100 septim bounty.
  • During the finale of the quest, when Simeth is supposed to follow you to serve as back-up, when exiting the tower he patrols from through the ground-level exit, he exits through the top-level hatch. (I couldn't even use console commands to position him where I wanted him. I had to go it alone.

Bonus: While in the catacombs, there is a door that is supposed to be blocked by a rockfall.

T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtPeakSnow_01 missing snow (among others)

T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtPeakSnow_01, 02 and 03
T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtRidgeSnow_01, 02 and 03

are referring to correcly named statics in Tamriel Data, with added "s" or "sn" to differentiate them from the non snow versions. But they appear similar in the CS, without snow. 
Other VM assets seem to have snow on them as intended. Since it's for the later releases I consider this a minor bug.


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