OE, Vhul and surrounding area dialogue bugs

- Sodeen (TR_m3_sodeen), the Redguard wizard in Vhul, has the Who's there? bug from almost all angles. But you can get him to speak from certain angles so this is fairly minor. 
- Marayn Voldal, the innkeeper of the Hound in Vhul, greets the player with "Another outlander visits Vhul. You ought to keep to your own people), despite running an inn that caters to outlander visitors.
- Idruvi Naran, who wanders around in Vhul, has a barter option but no goods to barter

Stendarr Tower Haunting bug

The bug concernces the ending of the Stendarr Tower haunting quest. The last dialog line the ghost has is conditioned to the death of the wrong person. The supplier is actually Haladroth ( TR_m3_Haladroth ). Also the quest doesn't account for situations when the player kills one of the suppliers, but lets the other live. Issue first discovered with 18.07 but confirmed in the internal TR_Mainland release.

Orchish Longsword still clipping through hand after all these years

So, I was hoping by now this would get fixed but it looks like it won't unless I report it. I figured it was an obvious issue. Anyway the weapon "Orcish Longsword" has a clipping problem when held. I've enclosed a screenshot of the issue below.

And before anyone asks, it affects vanilla hands too so it's not a Better bodies related bug.

Block in Akamora stairs

There is a block in the way of the stairs in Akamora which it is impossible to walk over. It is possible to jump over the block, but there is no way to climb the staircase without jumping.

(I had to shrink the image in order to fit under the uploader)

Oran Plantation calls door lock in "3, -27" repeatedly

Found in: Aanthirin area

While playing TR_Preview in TES3MP, standing outside of Oran Plantation (specifically near the entrance of the manor) spams the OnObjectLock packet for refId "TR_m4_door_helserifarm". In singleplayer, this doesn't seem to cause any issue. In TES3MP, it fills the server with OnObjectLock packets and prevents a lot of pings.

This is likely attributed to the script "TR_m4_door_helserifarm_script" attached to the door.

Old Ebonheart Thieves Guild, Antio Florane Doesn't Appear

In TR_m3_TG_Fentus5, the quest where you have to rescue Antio Florane of the Thieves' Guild from a Dwemer ruin, Antio Florane did not spawn -- the staff that he was supposed to be stealing does spawn.

After experiencing the bug, I found the exact same story here:

Issue with the quest: The Sorceror's Apprentice

I am at the point where the two apprentices, Kelkemello and Saturius, have to perform three challenges in order to become the new court wizard.
However, at the second challenge the quest does not continue. After telling Caros Cocceius that the two apprentices are ready for the second challenge, Kelkemello fails to summon anything once the prompt is given. At this point, any dialogue with either Caros Cocceius or Kelkemello is locked, and I'm only able to say 'Goodbye' so I can close the dialogue screen.

Missing region sound

A lot of the regions added for TR in Tamriel_Data are missing region sounds. Most of these regions have not yet been released, but the following regions are in the latest TR_Mainland yet lack sounds and/or sleep creatures:


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