quest log bug

After i refused quest in Bakers guild in Old Ebonheart it still appears in journal in quest log but with no text.
Found out only later and didnt know where is it from and found at its this quest on google and its called
Kneading The Dough

Assorted bugs in Khalaan

  • When finishing the quest "The Anguished Crux", Rarunsi Tervthi (TR_m3_Kh_Rarunsi Tervth) tells the player that she offers a mace for the help (second line of "special soul gem"). But the reward is in fact a robe, so the response should be changed accordingly.
  • There is a caspering land piece at (3246.289, 4477.021, 9941.708) in the Old Landing.

The Bosmora guild guide has a very generic greeting

I cannot really understand why the guild guide at the Bosmora Mages Guild relay is only included in TR_Travels, since this is a part of TR_Mainland after all. Therefore one should not require TR_Travels to use the connection between Bosmora and Old Ebonheart or Akamora. But in any case, something has to be done about the Greeting 7 for this NPC, since there is a 60% chance of getting the generic greeting that she offers travel between the various guild halls on Vvardenfell. For temporary travel NPC's in TR_Preview I can understand that this has not been fixed, but not in TR_Mainland.

The Rift quest Journal meta knowledge issue

At the end of the Rift questline, you meet a khajiit wizard who transforms into a tiger. The journal entry explicitly says that he has shapeshifted. But when you give the coded package to a prince, you have an option to say that he was eaten by a tiger who choked in the process. This player's reply should reflect PC's ignorance of the khajiit lore. But in this case, the journal entry should not have information that the wizard has shapeshifted. Sorry if my explanation is a mess >.<


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