generic disease greeting for Temple

Remember to make some generic entry(ies) in Greeting 4 for TR_Map Temple Priest/Priest Service/... missing classes, overwriting

"I'm sorry, friend, but I think you have managed to get a common disease of some sort. You can get that cured by visiting a Temple shrine, or an Imperial cult altar, or by buying a potion from a healer or apothecary."


also check "my trade" for class Pilgrim or see IC OE chapel

Greeting 0/1 and Oath of Silence

This would probably be a pain in the butt to fix, but...

A lot of non-law-enforcement related greetings are sneaking their way into Greeting 0. This means that the vanilla Oath of Silence at the top of Greeting 1 is sometimes not being triggered correctly (aka, when just about anyone talks to you: exceptions being some forcegreetings and some quests that use Greetings to continue an encounter).

Only ones in Mainland that don't belong there are TR_m1_noga-togroi, and as a creature that can only speak its own lines it doesn't matter (but they should be in 5)


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