Bodrem Mine platform underwater

bodrem mine:

The lowest mining platform and mineral deposit in one of the caverns is below water level. Should be raised, alternatively a waterfall and a couple bodies could be added along with new dialogue saying something about opening a spring in the mine and a quick flood taking the lives of a couple miners.

Telvanni Guard greeting 1 choices

Three Telvanni Guard choices in Greeting 1:

Now either leave our city or go ask Allasi Enduren at the Avenue for the proper documentation.
You don't have enough money, outlander. Perhaps a night in the cells will teach you not to disrespect our customs.
Very well. You outlanders always seem to need to be taught how things work in our land.

Remnants of hospitality paper dialogue? They would get overwritten by guard greetings 0

Temple pilgrimages

Role of pilgrimages in Temple questline:
Currently, completing 3 pilgrimages (of 6) on the mainland unlocks mainland Temple duties; completing the Vvardenfell Seven Graces pilgrimage also unlocks them. In both cases the remaining or future mainland pilgrimages become only additional quests that add some faction reputation.

Theft of a Herne's Soul quest impossible to finish

This quest kinda finishes, and questline continues, but it never removes from journal and Gindaman still tell you that you need give that soulgem to Absolon (looks like queststage 50 not properly working)
Also, during queststage 40 Absolon, when you return soulgem to him say same phrase that said when you give that gem first time, this is kinda odd.

In the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont won’t accept silverware or stoneware bowls

I’m the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont asks for 5 bowls of any type. He won’t accept silverware bowls or stoneware bowls because the game checks for “Bowl”. This should be fixed so he accepts bowls which have more than “Bowl” in their names.


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