Theft of a Herne's Soul quest impossible to finish

This quest kinda finishes, and questline continues, but it never removes from journal and Gindaman still tell you that you need give that soulgem to Absolon (looks like queststage 50 not properly working)
Also, during queststage 40 Absolon, when you return soulgem to him say same phrase that said when you give that gem first time, this is kinda odd.

In the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont won’t accept silverware or stoneware bowls

I’m the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont asks for 5 bowls of any type. He won’t accept silverware bowls or stoneware bowls because the game checks for “Bowl”. This should be fixed so he accepts bowls which have more than “Bowl” in their names.

Polearms with illogical stats

Some of the polearms have "thrust" damage only because they're in the spear category. Should switch around their stats to be appropriate to their looks instead,

I also propose renaming (THE NAME, NOT THE OBJECT ID!):
"T_De_Ebony_Halberd_01" since _02 which does look like a halberd has the same name,
Atrayonis died for your sins, check it out:
Ebony Halberd -> Ebony Bardiche


high slash but looks well suited for thrusts

The Walls of Dondril?

The walled defense of this "village of hardworking mer", "humble common folk" under the protection of Indoril struck me a little odd. I visited the place after leaving Old Ebonheart to travel the eastern Thirr territories. I think this is supposed to be a rather peaceful area, a starter region similar to the Ascadias on Vvardenfell? 

In light of this, the defining palisade of Dondril (made out of hundreds of Ex_De_Docks_Piling_01s!) might prove a little too much. Does a mere shack village in Aanthirin really need such a defense? 

Ascadian Bluffs Region, around (-2, -15): three little bugs

7/16/2017 (21:03)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    Terrain_rocks_GL_03    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-1,-16)    -3475    -128931    2012    "float, and many around here"    
7/16/2017 (21:03)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    flora_tree_gl_02    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-1,-16)    -2998    -131033    2451    "float, and many around here"    
7/16/2017 (21:09)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    ex_de_docks_center    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-3,-14)    -24550    -106612    32    "no wai to get out of water"    

furn_de_r_table_07 in Alt Bosara exterior

At both entrance gates of Alt Bosara, there is a small guard post and registration with a furn_de_r_table_07. This rich Dunmer furniture should be reserved for interiors, better to replace it with furn_de_ex_... table or perhaps even T_De_SetTelv_F_Shelf_01.

On a sidenote, both tables with a cephalopod helmet, inkwell and quill (without parchment) look absolutely identical, so perhaps you could take the opportunity and redecorate both city entrances a little bit. 


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