Script throwing errors to dialog boxes

Sun, 2021-04-04 16:56

I went to Necrom, into console, for Ordinator00000001 sethealth 0, he died. I looted and wore his armor and clicked another Ordinator.

  Script T_ScNpc_Mw_NecromOrd   Trying to RunFunction index greater than function count. The script will not run anymore. Continue running the executable? [yes] [no} 

I clicked yes, he said

Namartyon Loot

The npcs here are not hostile, are not involved with any quest as far as I can tell and do not care if you take the loot in the cave. Seems to not be working as intended.

Harrumat diamond mine hidden key

In Harrumat diamond mine, that key is too hidden given the low reward locked behind it. I looked for 30 mins with a detect key enchantment on, couldn't find it and googled where it was as there is no hint other than it's 'nearby' which indicates it's in the cave somewhere. There's almost no way that someone would find it under the planks in a chest almost the same colour as the planks and floor as the box is only visible from a very specific angle.  I had a detect key enchantment on and because it's in a lockbox it doesn't show up.

Some guards should have either better equipment, or lower levels.

As it stands, there are guards that have very high levels with the basic guard equipment of Imperial Armor and Silver Spear. They should either be given better armor, such as ebony or templar, to show that they are elite warriors , their level should be lowered, or both.

T_Gl(o)b_GetTeleportingDisabled inconsistency, Khalaan Daedroth teleport broken

T_Glb_GetTeleportingDisabled is a global that records whether our content has disabled teleporting. It is the only T_Glb_ global in T_D, the others are prefixed T_Glob_ instead.

Our scripts consistently use T_Glb_GetTeleportingDisabled, and appear to work correctly.


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