Nymph Quest Fade To Black

In the quest concerning Irmiel the Nymph (the naked wood elf under the waterfall in the western end of the section), after you kiss her, the screen fades to black, but never fades back in. It stays black forever. It's not in TR_Preview, I just did that because it was required. It's in the latest RB sectionfile.

TR not able to load some meshes and textures.

I am currently having Issues with Tamriel Rebuilt. I installed through Nexus, and tried using TR yesterday. Once I had set up the bsa's in my .ini files (which I have two of a baked and base file). I loaded up the game recived a TR_Previews warning. Continued pass that and started a new game. As soon as I am pass the intro cinematic I immediately get Model and texture errors. I continued up until character create screen and while scrolling through dark elf faces one face was bugged and caused it to be overlayed as I continued scrolling through. At that point I exited the game.

Notes for Redguard History

There seems to be an issue with the book Notes for Redguard History. The proper text doesn't appear (is either blank or a portion of last book read) and the game almost seems to freeze for a second I have to bring up my journal or hit escape to regain control. And then the camera spazzes out for a moment. Fixing it so it can be read would be nice as it is also used by Shotn.


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