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Helnim, Thieves Guild. NPC: Greedy Hofmund. 
I play a thief character, currently in the rank of "Operator". I'm doing guilt work in Helnim and when Greedy Hofmund, the man in charge in Helnim, adresses me with my rank he calls me "Toad". Other guild members recognize my status as an "Operative". I have met Hofmund when I was a "Toad", so maybe he gets stuck in this first impression rank? 
I would also recommend to give Hofmund the dialogue option "advance" to get promoted in the Thieves Guild, as I guess he is one of the bosses. It's strange to finish jobs in Helnim but to have to run to Firewatch to rise in rank. 

Helnim, Thieves Guild. Quest: The Heist. 
In the final stage of the quest Greedy Hofmund sents me to find Fillim as he has dissapeared from the guild base and probably betrayed the Guild. 
Hofmund orders me to search for him in three different places but Fillim actually never left the base, he is still standing in his basement corner. When talked to, he is suprised that he has been found and the quest goes on. Maybe there is just a bug in his placement script? 

Firewatch, Thieves Guild. NPC: Hlarissa . Topic: price on your head.
While hotfix v5 makes the dialogue option "price on your head" work again I have a problem with Hlarissa (the female dunmer from the Thives Guild in Firewatch). She gives me the option to get rid of my bounty and pay x gold or live with it but both dialogue option are stuck in a loop. Whatever I choose I have to chose again and have no chance to exit the dialogue. 



Helnim, Thieves Guild. NPC:

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Helnim, Thieves Guild. NPC: Greedy Hofmund
He's stuck with the old T_Mw_ThievesGuild faction in your game. There are two known ways for this to happen: you loaded a save from the older release of TR after completing missions with him, or you're using a mod that edits the NPC (does he have any animations or a special face?). If you used the data patcher to update those mods or your save before, it wasn't up to date yet, but you can try with the new "Translation.txt" file from here

Helnim, Thieves Guild. Quest: The Heist. 
No obvious errors to move him in the scripts, but inconsistent spacing everywhere (have just fixed those  various fixes have been applied, but not they weren't related to the error reported here)

Firewatch, Thieves Guild. NPC: Hlarissa . Topic: price on your head.
There is no Hlarissa, if you mean Hassanda the error should be the same as for Hofmund.

Hello Rot, Thanks for looking

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Hello Rot,

Thanks for looking things up. Sorry for naming the NPC wrong, it is Hassanda of course.
I have followed your advice and found the conflicting mod that causes the problems with Hassanda and Hofmund.
I'm using an older (the only one) version of Danaes Hold It-TR Addon and deactivating this .esp stops Hassandas dialogue loop and Hofmund greets me with my current rank again. The dialogue option "Advancement" is also back when Danaes mod is deactivated.

I have informed Danae about the conflicts, no idea if she will update her mod for the current TR release.

Alright, as it's a third

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Alright, as it's a third party mod (and I believe it has been fixed by removing TR NPCs), I'll close this.