Almas Thirr, minor oversights





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Small things I noticed when crossing the Thirr: 

  • The northern door of "Almas Thirr, Canalworks" (in_Velothismall_indoor_01) does not connect with the outside. The opposite southern door works perfectly. 
  • NPC TR_m3_Indoril_Silsi - Indoril Silsi, the Indoril garrison commander, should have a wander distance of 0 so that she remains behind her desk instead of running around without rest in her small office. 
  • the middle one of the three furn_burial00 skulls in "Almas Thirr, Office of Recording" bleeds into the wall. 
  • "Almas Thirr, Office of Intercession" has Sermons 10, 12, 16, 34, 35 and 36 in a bookshelf. While it makes sense thematically, all of those are skillbooks, and the boost of 6 level-ups at one time is a bit too much. So better reduce this collection to one or two books (similar to how vanilla dealt with Sermon placement). 
  • There are various floaters of T_MW_Flora_AT_OranMoss01 when used for planters. I guess that they might have been auto-replaced, but this does not work if the planter size is reduced to 0.75 or something. So better check all instances where orange moss is used interior decoration. I found some examples in "Almas Thirr, Indoril Dorvi's Manor", "Almas Thirr, Dralas Vando's Tradehouse" and "Almas Thirr, Hetman Llothro's House".
  • The banner in front of Dralas Vando's Tradehouse (TR_m3_AT_trader) says "Dram Badryon: Trader". The banner in front of "Almas Thirr, Amoleth: Outfittter" says "Emmoleth: Pawnbroker". All the banners and signs in AT could be checked and updated. Generic "Dunmer Tavern" (TR_furn_banner_tavern_i3-795) could also be rephrased into  "Thirsty Saint Cornerclub".
  • TR_m3_Ivrea Llothro, the one-eyed Silt Strider caravaner, has a bartering option, but nothing to trade with. 
  • The House in the north-western corner of the canton isle is not connected (or not finished).
  • There is a "Narrative of Yilgamseh XII" at Tilresi the bookseller. The book on itself is obviously going to be replaced, but perhaps still better remove this relic from Tilresi's collection for the moment. 
  • A small suggestion for the eastern entrance of the city. You climb the hill and then realize the canton and the bridge over the Thirr valley which is definitely a sight. However, I missed the other path to the right that leads to the Monastery of St Veloth and the Bloodstone Shrine (a telling and most effective concept btw: a monastery on Indoril's east side, a market on Hlaal's west, and the Temple fortress in between!). Since this is a destination for many travellers on Veloth's path, it could help to add a small banner or waysign so that no weary pilgrim visits the city before finishing his pilgrimage. On the other hand, this was just my experience when visiting the place for the first time, and wayfinding comfort is not really a Morrowind thing anyways. ;)