Altmer wearing Tribunal Robe






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Morrowind (Steam)



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The NPC TR_m2_Cyermille is wearing the robe expensive_robe_02 which is normally the robe used for Tribunal Temple priests of high rank. Would suggest changing. This NPC can be found in the Helnim, Imperial Archaelogical Society building.


Far from the only case, it

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Far from the only case, it clearly is a robe meant for the Temple but vanilla set the unfortunate precedent of putting it on some random NPCs. Should it be fixed at least on TR’s end? Another offender is Gindaman in the Fireclock Mages Guild. 

Also Felmo Enlaris, a Dunmer

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Also Felmo Enlaris, a Dunmer priest in Alt Bosara is wearing a robe (expensive_robe_01), that only a wise woman of the Urshilaku would wear.
And in the Upper District of Necrom is a merchant that sells the red common robe with the red emeralds, which is a robe exclusively worn by highranking Morag Tong members.

I would say that TR could do this better, because even vanilla Morrowind at least tried to make sense in that regard, although because of time constraints the just hadn’t the time to make more clothes for NPCs to wear.

EDIT: In Necrom is a priestess with a retextured exquisite_robe_01 in black. I would instead suggest a retexture in black of the expensive_robe_02.