Big white cubes on NPC:s and on materials





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Morrowind (Steam)



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Hello everyone,

I have a problem that I have with other mods as well. That is big cubes that is white and bright of light and you can not go through them. This might sound strange and it is, when I try to start the game recently the game cannot find the '''' file so I cannot play Morrowind at all. I did save a game inside Old Ebonheart but it seems I could not do much else. I tried to go into a shop but it ended up I could not move else then turn around so I could reach the door and get out. Some of this cubes have a big ''!'' in it but only on buildings. Maybe you are working at it now because all NPC:s do not have these weird cubes around them and not all buildings (so far as I could see the minute I was on Old Ebonheart before decideing to write this). I hope you understand what I mean whith this ''cubes'' I mean.

Sorry but my english is not very good, it is not perfect and I do not aim to speak perfect english anyway so I hope you can live with it.

Best regards, DerKaiser.


Please add a screenshot of

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Please add a screenshot of these white cubes and your warnings.txt to your bug report.

I can't figure out what these white cubes are (unless they are actually yellow squares, in which case you didn't register your BSAs) and you should not be able to play TR without Tamriel Data at all.

User hasn't replied in 4

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User hasn't replied in 4 months and nobody has reported the same white cubes.

Closed, cannot reproduce.