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The two books "bk_BookOfLifeAndService "& "bk_BookOfRestAndEndings" are necromancy-themed easter eggs from Battlespire, but TR has used them rather-widely as a Temple faction book.
Outside of Fyr's tower, Kagrenac's Library and the Secret Library in Vivec, they are used in a couple of tombs in vanilla, but I'm inclined to believe that Temple necromancy doesn't involve the Ideal Masters and Soul Cairn and so probably these placements should be considered erroneous.

see this entry about the same books and more


Work in progress. Replaced in

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Work in progress.
Replaced in:

  • Sailen, Bradyn Household (replaced with T_Bk_SaintRilmsLessonTR)
  • Seitur, Elmeni Udani's House (replaced with T_Bk_SaintRilmsLessonTR)

Sailen, Rurvyn Manor

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  • Sailen, Rurvyn Manor (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintNerevarTR)
  • Sailen, Pilgrim Hostel (removed)
  • Ranyon-ruhn, Catacombs (replaced with T_Bk_RuhnAniaAlmsiviTR)
  • Nethril Plantation (replaced with T_Bk_MediationsDeterminedLawTR)
  • Necrom, Pallbearers and Sweeps (removed)
  • Necrom, Northern Watchtower (replaced with bk_OnMorrowind)
  • Necrom, Disvur Bereth's House (replaced with bk_LivesOfTheSaints and T_Bk_OnTheEvilsOfHeresyTR)
  • Necrom, Lesser Bonewalker Smithy (replaced with TR_bk_i2-25_Temple-corpse-prep)
  • Necrom, Greater Bonewalker Smithy (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintNerevarTR)
  • Necrom, Chamber of Artifects
  • Ildrim, Golos Merevu's Shack (replaced with T_Bk_FourthBookOfDustTR)
  • Firewatch Library, Second Floor (replaced with 1xT_Bk_OnPurityTR, deleted the rest)
  • Bal Oyra, Lighthouse (replaced with T_Bk_OelandersHammerTR)

Necrom, Chamber of Artifects:

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  • Necrom, Chamber of Artifects: (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintVelothOTR_V2, replaced a Darkest Darkness with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintVelothTR_V1 while I was at it)
  • Necrom, Charnelworks Mortuary (replaced with T_Bk_OnNecromanyPC and T_Bk_LamentationsTR)
  • Necrom, Solamis Gerthas' House (removed)
  • Necrom, Pallbearers and Sweeps (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintVelothTR_V1)
  • Necrom, Northern Watchtower (replaced with T_Bk_HomilyPilgrimTR)
  • Bal Oyra, Lighthouse (replaced with T_Bk_TheNecklaceTR)
  • Port Telvannis, Felisel Gavos: Bookseller (replaced with T_Bk_ConfessionsAndResortTR)

Left the others in as I believe they would make sense there (particular in Necrom, Catacombs: Deep Vaults, Tel Muthada, Private Study, and Telvanni Library, Tomb of the Librarians).