Bosmora Mages Guild Relay facelift





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The Bosmora "Mages Guild relay" is very lame, just a single NPC standing in a weird empty room full of crates above the Bosmora Marketplace. I felt like the lonely mage there deserved a more hospitable setup, so I made one. The files can be found here.

There is now a half-enclosed room for the MG to lease, a little area for members to sit, and a proper teleport node with a carpet and bench. Aside from moving some crates around, I haven't touched anything outside the new little room and the adjacent stairwell. Also there's a supply chest there now.

I wasn't sure what the best practice regarding dependency is for a change of this kind (since removing the TR_Mainland dependency will duplicate my moved items and clip old statics into my new ones) so I uploaded two files, one with the dependency and one without.

If possible, the teleport marker in TR_Travels should be moved into the corner where the carpet is, and the NPC moved towards the wall. Because the only NPC - "trtr_bosmora_guide" - in this little 2x2 room isn't in TR_Mainland, I gave ownership of the room's misc items and containers to Faction - Mages Guild rather than to the NPC.