Bugs in "No Good Deed"





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TR_m3_s_Rulene, TR_m3_s_JarJo-Zhid, TR_m3_Davor Indri


Rulene, JarJo-Zhid, Davor Indri


These are not covered here, but I think it would be a good idea to fix both when you have a look at this: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/bugtracker/no-good-deed-inconsistent-res...

I found three bugs related to the quest "No Good Deed":

  1. If choosing to free Rulene, the topic "proposition and seduce" does not disappear as intended, and she asks the player to bring a lockpick and free her again. Seems like the variable controlQ is not being changed correctly.
  2. If choosing to free either Rulene or Jar'Jo-Zhid by giving a lockpick, the topic "go free" will be unaltered, and the slaves still ask you to find the key to free them.
  3. You can turn in these slaves to Davor Indri - and get the reward - after you have set them free, even after they have left the Almas Thirr Canalworks (but before Jar'Jo-Zhid "rewards" the player), which makes no sense at all. This at least applies to non-Hlaalu players.


Thank you! Bug 1 is fixed. I

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Thank you! Bug 1 is fixed. I'm not touching bugs 2 and 3 for now. I remember the reviewing of this quest getting derailed by its sophisticated douple (if not triple) use of control/controlQ variables for different things; I never ended up finishing the review, and someone else seems to have done it by playtesting. I think bug 3 is related to this.