Dialogue errors in eastern Mournhold District





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I'm filling this with dialogue issues I find in the Sacred East and Indoril part of the Antediluvian Secrets maps:

  • When asking Ieva Llori (TR_m3_Ieva Llori) about "destination", she claims that Marog and Helnim are to the east, but they are in fact straight north from Ildrim (present in both TR_Mainland and TR_Travels).
  • Fothas Bradyn (TR_m3_Fothas_Bradyn) claims under the topic "my trade" that he is using poison from durzog fangs to imbue his weapons, and that he has a contact in Ildrim who hunts them in the Sundered Scar. The problem is that there are not supposed to be any durzogs in Sundered Scar any longer, so this needs to be updated. Maybe it would be a good idea to remove the mentions about durzogs from his dialogue entirely, since it is not a creature native to Morrowind, so durzog fangs would probably be hard to come by.
  • When asking Erer Savil (TR_m3_Erer_Savil) about "Services", he directs the player to his slave for buying food and drinks. The problem is that he does not have any slave, and he is selling the food and drink himself.
  • For the topic "local area" in Tomaril Manor, Sailen is referred to as "Sailen Vulgate", which I guess is a remainder from before the release of Sacred East.
  • Novas Senim's (TR_m2_Novas Senim) unique reply to the topic "Morag Tong" has its speaker condition set incorrectly (<= should be replaced by >=), resulting in him giving this reply before the related quest has reached the appropriate phase (or even started), instead of after it.
  • One of the responses (the fourth one from the bottom) to the topic "shipment of ebony" filtered for Athryil (TR_m3_Athryil) ends with "I will be counti". I assume this should be "I will be counting.".
  • Folvalie (TR_m3_Folvalie) has a quite ambiguous statement about "Dunmer". She says "In your travels, how often have you spotted outlander Dunmer? You're the first I've seen, and the reason is obvious.". I found he statement "You're the first I've seen" to be weird. I first interpreted it as she meant that the player is the first outlander Dunmer she has seen, but this is not filtered for Dunmer and from the context it is obvious that she refers to herself. I think she means that the player is the first one she is able to talk about this with, so this should be clarified.