Dialogue errors in Telvannis District





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Edit - since I have found more errors throughout the Telvannis District, I will update this with bugs from the entire district.

  • The topic "specific place" in Firewatch suggests that "the docks offer travel to Bal Oyra and Tel Ouada" for three out of the four different responses. This seems to be a remnant from an older version of Tamriel Rebuilt. At least if using TR_Travels, there is no travel connection between Firewatch and Tel Ouada, so this should be updated accordingly.
  • The name of the Legion Captain is mispelled in all of the responses to "someone in particular" that are mentioning her in Firewatch. Her correct name is Herdonia Varan, but this is either misspelled as "Herdonia Varian" or written as "Herdonia Brandt" (obvious mix-up with the Fighters Guild champion).
  • When asking about the topic "Bal Oyra", the local residents refer to it as sitting on the northern coast of Molagreadh Region. With the current region assignments however, it is located in Boethiah's Spine Region.
  • When asking one of the mainland Telvanni councilors about "House Telvanni", they will tell the player that their Mouth can be found in Sadrith Mora (this response might be overridden for some councilors, but at least not Mistress Rathra). This needs a TR specific response.
  • The topic "someone in particular" filtered for Irele Nathryon (TR_m1_Irele_Nathryon) has a typo, "our hear" should be "our healer"
  • When asking Teris Sevuro about "mainland", he will tell the player that Lan Orethan is "the garden of the whole province", where Almalexia is located. However, given the current region assignments, this should be changed to Alt Orethan.
  • For Hasilius Brahn (TR_m1_Hasilius_Brahn), the different responses to the topic "Solstheim" have the wrong order in the dialogue list, making his sober response appear on top of the drunk one. These should be reversed, otherwise he will always use the sober response.
  • The topics "fire salts", "frost salts", "void salts", "Daedra skin", and "Scamp skin" are lacking speaker conditions for Malvas Relvani (TR_m1_T_Malvas_Relvani). He asks the player to fetch these ingredients for a quest, but if you have not yet got this quest from him (or are not a member of House Telvanni), he will still give the quest specific responses to these, which appears weird.
  • East and west have been reversed for several of the directions given in Port Telvannis. This is the case for the topics Llothanis ("southeast" should be "southwest" in two responses, "west coast" should be "east coast" in one), Tel Ouada ("east" should be "west" for two responses), and "specific place" ("eastern end" should be "western end" for one response).
  • Thalen Thimalvel (TR_m1_Thalen_Thimalvel) should have a unique greeting. Now she is just using the generic Ashamul greetings, indicating that she would be happy to get a visitor, but given how she is responding to various topics, it is clear that the player is not at all welcome into her home.