Diseased Nix-hound Speed





Game version: 

Morrowind (Steam)



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Item/Script Reference:


T_mw_fau_nixhds_01, T_glb_fau_blfy


Diseased Nix-hounds added by the mod move very slowly, their speed is usually set at 12 I think but one I checked had a speed of 0. Similar issue with butterflies, they look like they're moving in slow motion.


diseased creatures have their

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diseased creatures have their stats changed by the disease scripts as how it would affect the player. I think blighted Nix-Hounds are the same. In my game Blighted Rats don't even move, like they are over-encumbered. Probably why that is happening.

As for the butterflies, I'm not sure what is going on there, they require work anyways.

What disease does it have? If

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What disease does it have? If it's a new TR one then yeah. If it is a vanilla disease then pfp would be your best bet. 

Would need to find the

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Would need to find the NixHounds ID in the construction set and see what script it has. If it is has a T in front it is TR. If it starts with disease it is vanilla.