Finishing "Burden of Proof" does not unlock more of Roa Dyr's services





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Burden of Proof


Upon finishing the quest "Burden of Proof" and making Diranya satisfied, she tells the player that they will get access to Roa Dyr's services. The same information also appears in the journal. However, the mer in Craftsmen's Hall will still give you a Service Refusal response, and tell the player that they only serve members of House Indoril. There are a few other NPCs offering services in Roa Dyr, but as far as I understand they did that also before finishing the quest. I might have missed something, but I interpret Diranya's offer as you will get access to all of Roa Dyr's services, which is not the case.


Investigating this I noticed

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Investigating this I noticed TR_m3_Diranya lacks a proper NPC script and doesn't have a TR_Map variable.

There's nothing in the rewards dialogue that unlocks services... but it could be implemented in the service refusal dialogue itself...

Nope, there's currently no mechanism for unlocking services in Roa Dyr. But it could be implemented rather easily.

There's an entry in [service refusal] that goes "I am in the service of the Indoril Ilvi, outlander. I have nothing to offer one not of his house." filtered to Roa Dyr. This blocks any House Indoril NPC (bar a small number of exceptions) from providing services to non-Indoril players. Add a filter for Journal TR_m3_Rd_Burden < 500, and this service refusal entry will be disabled once the quest reaches the appropriate stage. This will still block services from higher-ranked Indoril in Roa Dyr (Concordant Minister and up) for non-faction members, but that shouldn't be an issue.