Game almost always crashes while approaching Dondril From OE





Game version: 

Morrowind (Steam)



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Like the description says, it happens about the time Dondril comes into view on high view distance. Don't know if it happens when approaching Dondril from other directions and warnings.txt doesn't say anything about it


I remember one of our

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I remember one of our developers having this problem, and I think it's fixed for the next release.

Apparently that was found in

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Apparently that was found in May 2018 and fixed for 18.07, so it shouldn't be your bug. You're using Tamriel Data v6, right? Otherwise, can you get the crash again and post your Warnings.txt in your Morrowind folder (Steam/steamapps/common/Morrowind)?

Can't replicate this.

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Can't replicate this with a Morrowind, MGE XE, and MWSE installation.

The problem last time around was a crash when a faulty mesh (a tavern sign) was unloaded, so it would always appear about 2 cells from OE. This isn't the case this time, it seems.

Tried to reproduce twice,

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Tried to reproduce twice, with different approaches to Dondril, right now. Couldn't. But I'd lie if I'd say that this doesn't ring a bell for me. Any more research highly encouraged: does it happen under specific conditions? at specific times of the day? with a fresh char?