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Remember to make some generic entry(ies) in Greeting 4 for TR_Map Temple Priest/Priest Service/... missing classes, overwriting

"I'm sorry, friend, but I think you have managed to get a common disease of some sort. You can get that cured by visiting a Temple shrine, or an Imperial cult altar, or by buying a potion from a healer or apothecary."


also check "my trade" for class Pilgrim or see IC OE chapel


There is a variety of Priests

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There is a variety of Priests Services. Some sell spells, some ingredients. Obviously, you can't make a generic line offering their service if it's not clear they have one.

What do you suggest for new replies? Still generic, but reference "this shrine"?
For example "I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but you need to get cured of that disease. I think it's just a common disease. You should see a healer of apothecary, or visit the altar at our shrine."

Sounds about right, but not

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Sounds about right, but not specific on the shrine since they're not necessarily in one, even though part of the issue with the Temple suggesting you go to the cult for a cure was that you're usually in a Temple already. Vanilla just says "a Temple shrine" regardless of location.

Maybe rather than classes it would be appropriate to have generic local:TR_Map, race:DE+faction:Temple or faction:Imperial Cult, not-class:Guard entries that don't send you to the other faction's shrine, at least if you're a member of theirs.