Indoril Monastery Bells Don't Get Their Own Bell Hammers?





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The Indoril bells in the Romithren Monastery chapel have Master's Armorer's Hammers lying beneath them, implying that those hammers are used to strike the bells. In the vanilla game, the Sixth House, which has bells very similar to these, have special two-handed and very heavy hammers to strike their bells with (and they make great trophies to commemorate all the Dagoths you've slaughtered). Why does the Sixth House, which has essentially no blacksmithing potential as far as we can see, get neat, unique bell hammers while all House Indoril (truly the house mourned) gets is lousy little armorer's hammers? Certainly they don't need to be big-daddy ones like the Sixth House two-handed mauls, but at least a unique hammer of one-handed or two-handed variety would be appropriate and evocative, and might encourage a little fun with a novelty unique ornamental hammer.



mm, i just don't know how to

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mm, i just don't know how to do it. you  see, it was my second post on the forum)

but i don't mind if it will be used as an asset.

also, there is another version of the hammer, on the base of vvardenfell ordinators armor textures:
should i post them both in the asset browser section or only team members can do it?

No dont need to be a member

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No dont need to be a member just head on over to the asset browser and hit "contribute asset". Feel free to post both, though not to be too picky it would be nice if it matched the green of the bells rather than the ordinator colours, not essential by any means but would be nice all the same.

Also, not to nag but please do join the discord.

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done but there are 3 versions

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but there are 3 versions now, actually)

as player, i'd prefer it matches the armor... but i can make a retexture for the bells too)))