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I am at the point where the two apprentices, Kelkemello and Saturius, have to perform three challenges in order to become the new court wizard.
However, at the second challenge the quest does not continue. After telling Caros Cocceius that the two apprentices are ready for the second challenge, Kelkemello fails to summon anything once the prompt is given. At this point, any dialogue with either Caros Cocceius or Kelkemello is locked, and I'm only able to say 'Goodbye' so I can close the dialogue screen.

I do have to add that prior to starting the second challenge, that I did talk to Saturius first, so I could taunt Kelkemello into summoning something greater than a Daedroth. I have not tried yet if he could summon the Daedroth by not taunting him.


From looking at script TR_m3

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From looking at script TR_m3_OE_MageChallenge_Second
the quest has forcegreetings in Greeting 5 that should be in Greeting 1, but the next events don't rely on those greetings
next it relies on detecting ( "TR_m3_Kelkemmello"->GetSpellEffects, "TR_m3_OE_FakeSummon" == 1 ) which is a 0 duration spell, OpenMW used to have an issue with those
next it relies on a creature "TR_m3_q_Kelkemmello_WT" appearing and getting killed, if that didn't happen the quest gets stuck. Maybe if the NPC is too close to tables or chairs collision makes the creature appear under the ground?

next it relies on detecting (

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next it relies on detecting ( "TR_m3_Kelkemmello"->GetSpellEffects, "TR_m3_OE_FakeSummon" == 1 ) which is a 0 duration spell, OpenMW used to have an issue with those

The scripted casting can also fail to happen, for example if the NPC wasn't finished with another casting animation. This needs a timer added as a failsafe.

Kelkemello isn't really close

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Kelkemello isn't really close to any furniture, but there is one NPC that is always close to him. Eodulfin Bright-Mane (tr_m3_eodulfin) tends to walk around Kelkemello. I don't know if this could be an issue.

I'd offer more information, even a screenshot, but I've continued playing the game. After returning to prod the quest again to see what else I could get out of it, both Kelkemello and Saturius have despawned. They are also not found in the tower of Julianos, where you meet them prior to the challenges. I still can talk with Caros Cocceius to continue with the challenge, though. And he still calls out to start the challenge as if the two are still there.

Collision with other actors

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Collision with other actors normally isn't an issue when placing a new one but oMW often has different behaviour with collision so it could be. It supports detecting 0 duration spells since 0.45 so unless your version is even older that's not the cause. The issue with cast I mentioned is only a bug in vanilla, but there could be other ways cast fails.