Leftover dialogue duplicates with vanilla faction IDs + Telvanni advancement blocked





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Some dialogue was disabled in the faction merging mod simply by doing nothing to it, since original T_Mw_ conditions just became ineffective. With mass-editing of conditions this is now in TR_Mainland but with vanilla faction IDs. Ex: advancement topic for T_Mw_Telvanni and Vero Renim. Working on a hotfix for this.

- little secret, little advice, morrowind lore
- the many imperial cult lore topics ("black marsh" gods etc)
- imperial legion lore topics
- imperial legion hello voices
- hlaalu, redoran:


- see in earlier notes: the entries that needed to stay disabled were listed under things to clear in this thread

EEC: Solstheim record removed
there are EEC service refusals that didn't exist before and at least need a TR_Map


Hotfix uploaded here and on

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Hotfix uploaded here and on nexus.
Hotfix includes TR_OldTravels because of these two bugs (to not have X different fix versions or cause doubling with OldTravels),
These changes have not been applied to internal Mainland (edit: now they are) and the things under "not checked" above are still not checked (edit: they are still not)

More issues with

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More issues with unconditioned entries: TR is now blocking the Thieves Guild's bounty service everywhere. Note that the issues mentioned above can't be checked directly with the faction merge mod since they concern entries that were precisely NOT in it, but a comparison between Mainland and what IS in the mod shows the missing "price on your head" condition, along with more misc fixes that aren't replicated in the ESM, like mentions of mainland versions of factions, ModReputation added to the NPC instead of player, plenty of vanilla entries overwritten by mainland ones... going to update the hotfix for the bounty and again see if there's some way to re-merge the mod edits over Mainland for everything else
edit: hotfix updated, the many minor bugs are not addressed, and still none of the fixes applied in current Mainland.esp
edit: most of what is mentioned in this comment (not others) is now fixed in Mainland.esp, except topic Great Houses

edit: topic Great Houses only patched up

not yet fixed: Temple "duties" (not the same dialogue IDs) for the mainland are under the Seven Graces block and can't be obtained with the 3 mainland pilgrimages.

Yet more of another kind:

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Yet more of another kind: there were "new" entries added by the mod that are not in Mainland. Some are just minor language fixes for NPCs with TR_Map or faction duplicates for generic entries that only existed for vanilla IDs and don't apply in TR without these duplicates (so it's now impossible to advance in the Imperial Cult in TR), but significant ones seem to be missing too, like a Temple line enabling mainland duties after the Seven Graces.
edit: some do exist with different dialogue IDs but also wrongly copied conditions, check these too

And another kind too:

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And another kind too: dialogue lines that were originally in Mainland, like what prevents house guards from saying "I am - guard". Only finding out that they're missing because they were edited in the mod - added those, but are there more not found?