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Back during my previous stint at TR (ca. 2014), I added a bunch of leveled lists to TR_Data for the sake of NPCing. These leveled lists are of two varieties:

1) T_Mw_Cr_*: These consist of a single creature, appearing at level 1 with 100% chance. This is just in order to place a respawning critter.

2) T_Mw_RStat_*: These are randomized but not levelscaled (so all critters in them appear at level 1 and should be of roughly the same difficulty if aggressive). The syntax is T_Mw_RStat_[RegionName]D[DifficultyLevel](orp). The "orp" means "or peaceful", which may and may not be present; when present, it means that the list includes peaceful critters (so don't use it for gatekeepers).

We're using that system in a few places on the Ascadian Bluffs now. But we should be using it more often, and for that we need more of these lists:

1) We are missing at least the yeth-grub, the diseased swamptroll, the ice wraith (if we want to use it in the Velothis), and whatever else was added in the meantime.

2) I think we should at least have D01 and D05 lists for the northern Aanthirin (current Hlaalu-Thirr and Indoril-Thirr maps), possibly a D09 (roughly kagouti difficulty) too for the wilder parts of it, as well as separate lists for the Lake Andaram parts of the TRV.



I'd leave out the D09,

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I'd leave out the D09, personally. Aanthirin should not really be a hostile reason, so best to keep that to small stuff like rats, kwama foragers and yeth bugs. Otherwise that sounds good, but it would be nice to have an explanation of the levelled lists in the handbook or something so that they can be properly used.

Most recent data addon has

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Most recent data addon has two single-critter levlists T_Mw_Cr_YethGrub and T_Mw_Cr_SwamptrollDis. Also, yeth-grub has been added to T_Mw_RStat_AscadBluffD01 levlist. Ice wraith isn't needed, since there is already a Skyrim levlist for that.