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Ruinous Crypt


A handful of floating trees surrounding Llothanis.

Also, just immediately to the north of Llothanis, (X-275813.63 Y-101214.09) we have a "Ruinous crypt" full of vampires.

The interior looks really good, however it appears to be an ancient human-style stone crypt. Is there a lore reason for that being there? It seems like a Dunmer style crypt would be more appropriate? Especially if it's quite old and abandoned.

Just a thought.


Thank you for your report. I

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Thank you for your report.

I couldn't find any floaters, are you perhaps using a graphical replacer for the trees?

And yes, the crypt is indeed very unfitting. We don't use that kind of entrance anymore and the name of it is just terribly immersion breaking. This dungeon is from the very early releases of TR that basically had no QA at all, so the whole quality around Telvannis is pretty much hit or miss.

Yeah, overall the Telvannis

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Yeah, overall the Telvannis release wasa mess as far as lore goes. We're aware of many of these but if you find another others, let us know anyway just in case. I'm sure there's a place for said tileset somewhere, but not in that part of Morrowind for sure. Perhaps in Hlaalu territories maybe due to imperial presence. I'm only saying that because I'm very angsty about assets getting dropped.

Just to make sure terms aren

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Just to make sure terms aren't getting mixed up, as I personally got confused for a moment: Ruinous Crypt is a single cell dungeon north of Llothanis in the Old Mournhold tileset, with a crypt entrance from Tamriel_Data that arguably doesn't look especially Dunmer. Ruinous Keep is an Imperial fort in the middle of Sundered Scar, a location I'm not keen on. The OM tileset itself is a Dunmer tileset, though whether it should be found so far up Telvannis is certainly up to debate, as is how the tileset should be used in the first place. I've never actually heard of this interior, and am not sure how or if it could be used or whether it can stay where it is, but for now we aren't going to do anything with it.

Really, I thought Ruinious

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Really, I thought Ruinous keep was great, even if a bit cliche. I love the haunted castle in the swamp idea.

The ruinous crypt is a part

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The ruinous crypt is a part of one of Akamora's Mage guild quests. You have to interview a vampire there. So be careful not to change the NPC's located in it for that reason. As for Ruinous Keep, I have a special attachment to it, but that's because I like dark and dreery places like that. Call it a weakness.

Okay, to sum it up: The

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Okay, to sum it up:

  1. The supposed floaters could not be located (I checked and I can't find any floating trees either),
  2. The ruinous keep has been moved to the Padomaic ocean
  3. The ruinous crypt is there to stay as it is quest-related and it's not an old Impeiail, but an old Indoril interior.

This bug is therefor closed.