m1 NPC scripts are not in Data





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m1 NPC scripts are not in Data

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Not getting the point. Looks like it's supposed to make outlaws NOT attack the player beyond certain factors (level, stats), but all that is made useless by the first few lines that set the NPC's fight to 100 regardless:


guessing someone took issue with it (rightly imo, having NPCs in daedric shrines who don't have any dialogue and don't attack the PC for no particular reason would seem off)
and added the blocks. Why was it not removed entirely = pobably savegame compatibility (bad if local variables are removed from NPCs)? Might still be an unnecessary hit on performance, and either way the NPCs should have their regular AI fight setting at 90 (which is what "non-suicidal" outlaws should have, not 100) to remove confusion.

Could then also replace it with the regular script when an update that requires wryeMash for save compatibility anyway is rolled out, or if the m1 NPC scripts get pushed to Data.


These have been added to T_D

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These have been added to T_D and can eventually be replaced. Since this is going to take longer and is probably going to be part of a general script rehash (such as editing in Orlukh NPCs), I'm closing this for now.