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Vanilla MG exteriors are unassuming but the interiors tend to use some blue lanterns in low ambient light for a more magical atmosphere, at least in native architecture.


That’s something that mostly wasn’t carried over in TR:

Firewatch Palace, Guild of Mages -- none. Maybe in the basement? (very empty ceiling down there)


Bal Oyra, Keep: Mages Guild Relay – though just a relay, already has some blue light & TR_m1_LC_candle_04_mage
Helnim, Helnim Hall: Mages Guild Relay – nothing special in this "backwater station", makes sense
Akamora, Guild of Mages – nothing. Perhaps in the basement and the in_MH_ramp_01 corridors down to it?
Old Ebonheart – not exactly blue light, at least not in most places, but does something with bluewax candles. Possibly the basement?

Not trying to get into any sort of aesthetic overhaul here!! but simply adding a couple light tweaks can change a great deal. Even going by the assumption that no magelight in imperial architecture is something done by design, there is the Akamora guildhall. Or does blue light not work well with the MH green interiors? Maybe someone with a better eye for lighting could give this a look.


Akamora: tried replacing

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Akamora: tried replacing candles in the corridor and basement and yes, it suddenly looks like a Mages Guild chapter instead of just a mournhold interior with robed people in it


so no issue with blue light in the MH set.
Unfortunately can’t say the same for the red lanterns usual in Morag Tong guildhalls, they make the details pop out atrocious. Best that could be done is a dark red sunlight?

Blue light also looks much better in the Firewatch MG basement but I don’t know how to make it happen seamlessly there, these offices being otherwise illuminated by… torches. Blue torches would probably be too much (any of these in Data?)

Perhaps the Morag Tong

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Perhaps the Morag Tong guildhall doesn't need a Mournhold exterior or interior in Akamora? Seeing as it is a primitive (and highly influenced by the temple) institution, I think a velothi styled interior and exterior shell would work well for it, and it would give it a good contrast to the rest of Akamora.

If I remember correctly the

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If I remember correctly the vanilla Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora also doesn’t have blue lights in its interior, which is also imperial. So I think the guild in Firewatch makes sense as is.
But I agree, in Dumner styled houses the colored lanterns make sense.