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This is a small host of exceptionally minor issues I've come across.  None of them are anywhere near top priority.

  • Ivorna Telns (Vhul, Tradehouse) has a copy of Trebonius' Potion of Curing (p_cure_common_unique), which is used for a quest in Vivec.  Probably supposed to be a regular Cure Common Disease potion.
  • Two Iron Daggers in Necrom, Catacombs: Second Chamber are copies of the dagger stuck in the door to Telasero (iron dagger_telasero_unique), which presumably means they won't exist unless the player is Fighters Guild and has taken the relevant quest.
  • The two locked desks in Dulandos, Main Hall and Dulandos, Top Floor are copies of Orvas Dren's desk in Dren's Villa.  For most people, this is irrelevant and unnoticeable, but Rise of House Telvanni alters that particular desk, meaning that users thereof will find extra copies of Dren's Log.  May allow an exploit in the quest that uses said desk (though I would consider using an exploit resulting from mod conflicts to be cheating, rather like bypassing it via console); if memory serves, RoHT attaches a script to the desk.