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these above should be fixed in Mainland post faction merge
edit: no they weren't, but now they are again

Other reminders:

his script never increments "expelCartil" so it looks like it will again PositionCell him on every frame? probably want to avoid that by setting it to 3 in the = 2 block

topic "Ashamul":
why does everybody in m1 randomly know about literal backwater cavedwellers? should it be class-restricted to Commoners?

2019-01-30: Added a Cell Filter to "Boethiah's Spine Region", essentially cutting the cells where this dialogue is seen in half.

petition the parliament
"in order to increase the mine's output, I need slaves. To acquire some, I need to go through the normal bureaucratic procedures with the Parliament of Bugs."
this is bullshit

vital experiment        
- "Indeed. .." has Mouth variant with no difference

2019-01-30: The difference is in the answer to one of the replies the player can give; not changed.

plague rat blood        
- still has Messagebox for storyline not done

TR_m1_Cerul_Arnem    "Here take these scrolls"

TR_m1_Cerul_Arnem    "maybe not quite clear in Fervas Shulisa's 'dispatch to mistress eldale' dialogue that player is to come pick up gems here first"    

TR_m1_T_Rilvin_Dral    "set his Hello to 0 before he sends to 'vital experiment' or he'll say something about your clothes again on exiting the realm. Should perhaps have 0 hello period"    
2019-01-30 A Hello of 0 is actually a pretty good idea, changed it accordingly.

in_t_railing_pole_rails    Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Archmagister's Chamber    3069    5402    14756    "caspering underneath"   

in_t_housepod_pole_04    Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Archmagister's Chamber    3455    5746    14535    "platform above base of stairs too low to pass normally"

in_t_platform_01    Alt Bosara, Tel Vaerin    5233    4056    17472    "these steps are unclimbable, need invisi statics"
ex_hlaalu_steps_03    Ranyon-ruhn (27,12)    225933    99231    2536    "cannot walk up from base of those stairs, blocked by?? maybe not rotated the way they are meant to be"

ex_t_doorway_01    Gah Sadrith (42,13)    350433    108370    1006    "this 0.61 scale is too small, tiny door below even waistlevel"
T_De_SetTelv_DoorSmallIn_04    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4096    4144    12506    "entering through here snaps down to a hole underneath, possibly unfixable"
T_De_SetTelv_DoorSmallIn_04    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4096    4144    12506    "the outside door should probably be locked too, there's no one inside here"

TR_m1_q_TT_AoSW    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4689    3370    12192    "tiny value considering the powerful constant effect (or should it be on-use?)"

furn_pottedplant    Ranyon-ruhn, Brelar Gildaren's House    4078    3900    14928    "does nobody else find this model grating? completely clashes with local colours"
furn_pottedplant    Ranyon-ruhn, Arthal Eindari's House    3658    3389    14864    "does nobody else find this model grating? completely clashes with local colours"

Gah Sadrith "most characters give 100% 'a little busy for that, %PCclass' for latest rumors,
Gah Sadrith "the 'perhaps I could serve you with a little advice' line is given even to nolore characters who won't have advice, and also to all NPCs who are a little busy for latest rumors"

TR_m1_Marin_Thelaro00000000    "why does he have 'travel' option? to port telvannis. the 'Goodbye' greeting he is supposed to have can be bypassed by disease"
2019-01-30 Has been removed a while ago, was part of a shortcut that is no longer necessary.

TR_m1_S_Haj-alhat00000000    "says not allowed to speak to strangers - another one bypassed by disease greeting"

ex_t_gateway_great    Gah Sadrith    "all these gateways positioned exactly the same at all entrances. could benefit from a modular meshset"    
in_t_housepod_door_exit    Gah Sadrith    "and all doors are completely mismatched, a third the size of the exterior ones"

furn_crate_lid_01    Gah Sadrith, Gavat Redam's House    4125    4019    15278    "can't pass here"    
TR_m1_Llernele_Yantus00000000    Gah Sadrith, Llernele Yantus' Manor    4556    5018    15378    "do Commoners live in a manor?"

TR_m1_Q_Arelis_Lloran00000000    Yashazmus, Shrine    -1335    -4881    -2606    "these NPCs get stuck on the railing right away when the fight starts. Pathgrid is already here, can anything be done to bypass the disastrous AI?"    
TR_m1_Q_am_weird_uni    Yashazmus, Shrine    -75    -432    86    "isn't this amulet's 100pt demoralize overpowered?"